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Architecture-Page | Coffee Bar: S=f(t) by Alessandro Calvi Rollino Architetto

Coffee Bar: S=f(t)

"The analytical study of the link between actions and time, led to the possibility of creating a wide continuous open space which is virtually divided in two poles: the first one dedicated to quick services and customers." says Alessandro Calvi Rollino Architetto on Coffee Bar: S=f(t) More

Architecture-Page | Two levels apartment by Cibelli + Guadagno Architetti Associati

Two levels apartment

"The main concept was to give a different interpretation to a static space, starting from the negation of its spatiality, regular and centrally oriented, by creating planes and volumes like if they were unfolded from a corner of the perimeter." says Cibelli + Guadagno Architetti Associati on Two levels apartment. More

Architecture-Page | Pavilion for disabled persons by MAP studio

Pavilion for disabled persons

"The Provincial Administration is the promoter of this project -- a pavilion-style residential home for disabled persons." says MAP studio on Pavilion for disabled persons. More

Architecture-Page | PS 234M by Macrae-Gibson Architects

PS 234M

"There is a great shortage of early learning space in downtown Manhattan. This project is a 10,500 square foot kindergarten facility located within the eight storey South wing of the 200 Chambers Street building. " says Macrae-Gibson Architects on PS 234M. More

Architecture-Page | Rotho Blaas by monovolume architecture + design

Rotho Blaas

"The aim of the project was to create a compact building with a high level of recognition. The building as corporate identity of the enterprise; contemporary and representative of the company." says monovolume architecture + design on Rotho Blaas. More

Architecture-Page | Principessa Pio, bed and breakfast in ancient farm by MAP studio

Principessa Pio, bed and breakfast in ancient farm

"The client wanted to design a premises that would house employees during harvesting season." says MAP studio on Principessa Pio, bed and breakfast in ancient farm. More

Architecture-Page | PS 70X by Macrae-Gibson Architects

PS 70X

"The rate of increase in childhood obesity has tripled in the last twenty years, and is even greater among minority populations such as those of the South Bronx." says Macrae-Gibson Architects on PS 70X More

Architecture-Page | Project of the exhibition Arrivare a Venezia by MAP studio

Project of the exhibition Arrivare a Venezia

"The exhibition "ARRIVARE A VENEZIA" is generated by the characteristics of exposed materials: - the four panels mounted on rigid supports for the new multi garage project; - and the three panels for the presentation of each team selected for Final Phase of the contest." says MAP studio on Project of the exhibition Arrivare a Venezia More

Architecture-Page | Lobon Loft Residence by Macrae-Gibson Architects

Lobon Loft Residence

"The loft is designed for an international businessman based in Madrid and New York with extensive collections of art and books." says Macrae-Gibson Architects on Lobon Loft Residence. More

Architecture-Page | Stockholm City Library by Francisco Portugal e Gomes, Arquitecto

Stockholm City Library

Stockholm City Library, Stockholm, Sweden by Francisco Portugal e Gomes, Arquitecto More

Architecture-Page | Bellicini House by Studio Architettura Massimo Nodari

Bellicini House

"The house is made of two blocks, rotated around the central staircase/lift system, in this way the house can easily be divided in two independent apartments." says Studio Architettura Massimo Nodari on Bellicini House More

Architecture-Page | Exhibition Il tempio Vaticano. Carlo Fontana 1694 by MAP studio

Exhibition Il tempio Vaticano. Carlo Fontana 1694

"This exhibition design directly relates to the nature of the exhibits: the complete set of seventy-nine original engravings by A. Specchi after drawings by C. Fontana as integral parts of the book that was printed in 1694. " says MAP studio on Exhibition Ill tempio Vaticano. Carlo Fontana 1694. More


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