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Architecture-Page | South Sydney Youth Services Centre by Day Bukh Architects

South Sydney Youth Services Centre

"The project was an invited competition for an upgrade of an existing building.", says Day Bukh Architects on South Sydney Youth Services Centre. More

Architecture-Page | Citta’ Collina (City Hill) by BODA’ (Federico Bertoli, Daniel Antonini) + Paolo Casalis

Citta’ Collina (City Hill)

"The architects were asked to project a complex of commercial areas, public and media spaces. The place is on old commercial area outside the city area, which is going to be demolished.", says BODA’ (Federico Bertoli, Daniel Antonini) + Paolo Casalis on Citta’ Collina (City Hill). More

Architecture-Page | El Campanario, Queretaro, Qro. Mexico by Anonimous-LED

El Campanario, Queretaro, Qro. Mexico

"The site has an extremely narrow funneled access that leads into a 50mX35m rectangular area. It has a back view towards the 18th hole of the golf course and the far away hills. The program is organized inside a container which is an open, fluid, continuous space; and it’s interrupted only by holes and volumes that float.", says Anonimous-LED on El Campanario, Queretaro, Qro. Mexico. More

Architecture-Page | Cafe|Bar - WunderBAR by pjmvdm

Cafe|Bar - WunderBAR

"We developed a concept for a gastro-space that has the atmosphere of a cafe in the daytime and changes into a cocktail bar in the evenings." says pjmvdm on Cafe|Bar - WunderBAR. More

Architecture-Page | N-85 by Morphogenesis Architecture


"The house as a platform has been used to investigate two issues central to design today: the family as a social unit and the environment." says Morphogenesis Architecture on N-85 More

Architecture-Page | Renovation of the "Torre di Porta Nuova" as a cultural centre by MAP studio

Renovation of the "Torre di Porta Nuova" as a cultural centre

"The client’s requirement was two-fold: preservation and enhancement of a historical building and; the new function of this building as an exhibition space and cultural center." says MAP studio on Renovation of the “Torre di Porta Nuova” as a cultural centre. More

Architecture-Page | Truman High School Courtyard by Macrae-Gibson Architects

Truman High School Courtyard

"The Neo-Brutalist seven-story brick and concrete building is built around a large rectangular courtyard." says Macrae-Gibson Architects on Truman High School Courtyard More

Architecture-Page | Munich Re-insurance by George Dasic Architects

Munich Re-insurance

"The premises is located in the old, XIXc building and appears very safe, solid, and secure within the thick walls." says George Dasic Architects on Munich Re-insurance. More

Architecture-Page | Casa FoRo by FoRo Arquitectos (Fournier-Rojas Arquitectos)

Casa FoRo

"The central idea behind this design is to work on the development of architecture of 'here and now' and to oppose foreign architectural influences." says FoRo Arquitectos (Fournier-Rojas Arquitectos) on Casa FoRo. More

Architecture-Page | Casa Y by Anonimous-LED

Casa Y

"The client is a just married couple." says Anonimous-LED on Casa Y. More

Architecture-Page | Hotel klass, hotel discotheque and conference by FIMA Engineering

Hotel klass, hotel discotheque and conference

"The project was born as a requalification of an old disco and restaurant." says FIMA Engineering on Hotel klass, hotel discotheque and conference More

Architecture-Page | The White Kite by Alessandro Calvi Rollino Architetto

The White Kite

"The canopy belongs to a private courtyard next to the central square of the town, and replaces an old structure; the public function of the place, and the client's will to renew were important inputs for the project." says Alessandro Calvi Rollino Architetto on The White Kite. More


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