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Architecture-Page | Wooden Football hall - Level K2 by POOK Architects' Office Ltd

Wooden Football hall - Level K2

The Finnish firm of POOK Architects' Office Ltd deftly explores wood as a primary material to create an innovative roofing solution, for a football stadium in the city of Helsinki, which appeals to both aesthetic and structural sensibilities. More

Architecture-Page | General Mills Corporate Campus by oslund.and.assoc.

General Mills Corporate Campus

Designed by oslund.and.assoc, this landscape design of a classic 1950's modernist SOM-designed corporate campus seeks to bind the new buildings with a pastoral setting. More

Architecture-Page | Aero caffe by Iosa Ghini Associati

Aero caffe

Ideas and conversation, individuality and interaction come together courtesy the Aero Caffe - cafe system, which seeks to celebrate this exchange between the opposites. More

Architecture-Page | Opera Bar by Metropolis Consultora

Opera Bar

Tied in with the adjacent disco is the Opera Bar located in the Larcomar Entertainment Center in Lima, Peru. The space was designed in order to create a cool atmosphere, serving as a transition space to the disco. More

Architecture-Page | Talo Kekkapaa (Wood in Rock) by POOK Architects' Office Ltd

Talo Kekkapaa

Designing an office cum residential unit, Finish firm POOK Architects' Office Ltd skillfully crafts the humble plywood into spaces that respond to the quiet and the magnificence of the Nordic forest. More

Architecture-Page | Medtronic Patent Garden by oslund.and.assoc.

Medtronic Patent Garden

Designed by oslund.and.assoc., this little courtyard garden uses pure, powerful forms and abstract symbolism to achieve a sense of calm contemplation as well as celebrating the collective achievement of the company's researchers. More

Architecture-Page | Under-Extension Villa by Ofis Architects

Under-Extension Villa

An extension to a 19th century lakeside villa, sees Ofis Architects seeking solutions under-ground, creating a space that whilst enjoying its place in its context expresses deep respect for the heritage that lies above. More

Architecture-Page | Art installation on the Grand Pergola of the Hotel-de-ville by Claude Cormier Architectes Paysagistes Inc.

Art installation, Grand Pergola - the Hotel-de-ville

Standing as a vivid colorful visual treat over the grand pergola of the Hotel-de-ville, Le Havre, France; this art installation derives from the impressionist movement. Claude Cormier discusses his ideas that lead to the creation. More

Architecture-Page | Molina Plaza Commercial Center by Metropolis Consultora

Molina Plaza Commercial Center

Composed of a supermarket, eight theaters, a gym, a food court and several retail stores, Molina Plaza by Metropolis Consultora, has become a model for medium scale commercial centers in Lima, Peru More

Architecture-Page | Private Residence, Minneapolis by oslund.and.assoc.

Private Residence, Minneapolis

Designed by oslund.and.assoc, this rooftop conversion of a historic landmark building into a private residence creates a moment of respite in the busy skyline of Minneapolis. More

Architecture-Page | Casa En Playa Blanca by Metropolis Consultora

Casa En Playa Blanca (A house looking at the ocean)

"When a beach house is designed, the first thing in mind is the view to the ocean. So we came up with a basic white box. This was then perforated with various shapes to allow for interesting ocean sights." says Jose Orrego of Metropolis Consultora. More

Architecture-Page | Juarez Complex, Mexico City, Mexico by Legorreta + Legorreta Architects

Juarez Complex, Mexico City

With the specific task of regenerating the historical centre of Mexico City, the architects boldly conceived of this mixed-use complex as a series of open spaces, passages and plazas, crowned by two brightly coloured towers to house government offices. More


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