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Architecture-Page | Gozzano Cemetery Extension by Nicoletta Oddera + Fulvio Quattroccolo

Gozzano Cemetery Extension

The design for the Gozzano Cemetery Extension focuses on not just the functional aspects of the brief, but also its symbolic and emotional facets, creatively exploring the landscape and elements within it to arrive at a balanced architectural composition. More

Architecture-Page | Restaurant Suco by 57STUDIO

Restaurant Suco

The Restaurant Suco, set along a chaotic urban street in Chile, employs a subtle material and color palette as well as interesting spatial elements to pronounce its presence to the passerby. More

Architecture-Page | Cockpit by ONL [Oosterhuis_Lenard]


The Cockpit extends principles of mass production to customized architectural design, creating not just innovative methods of construction, but interesting responses to the design brief. More

Architecture-Page | Low Rez - Hi Fi by MY Studio / Howeler + Yoon Architecture

Low Rez - Hi Fi

Sound and light respond to human intervention to activate the interface between the interiors and exteriors of 1110, Vermont Avenue in this highly interesting public installation. More

Architecture-Page | University Of Dialogue by Studio Comoglio Architetti

University Of Dialogue

The simplest of spatial elements and the lightest of materials are employed in this meeting centre in Italy, designed with a focus on flexibility and contemplation. More

Architecture-Page | Porto Cenario Bar by Jose Carlos Nunes de Oliveira and Paulo Costa

Porto Cenario Bar

Existing surfaces of the Porto Cenario Bar were stripped and wrapped within a single 'foil' to create a sensuous, warm ambiance that extends to each niche carved out within it. More

Architecture-Page | Dualistic Space by Antonino Cardillo

Dualistic Space

Italian architect Antonino Cardillo subtly merges primary volumes and curvilinear surfaces to create fluid and exciting spatial configurations within a single-family residence in Erice, Italy. More

Architecture-Page | Treehouse by HHF architects


"The layout and design of the treehouse is based on pentagonal patterns. A concept, which is interesting as there is no possibility of creating an infinite addition of pentagons without having leftovers." Says HHF architects. More

Architecture-Page | Aubergine Restaurant by Studio: Anderson Architects

Aubergine Restaurant

Located in a renovated 1940's auto repair shop currently operating as a restaurant & lounge, Aubergine Restaurant by Studio: Anderson inverts typical gender representations in social architecture. More

Architecture-Page | Maccaroni Club by Giovanni D'Ambrosio

Maccaroni Club

"The terrorist attack on Bali, on 12th October 2001, destroyed the original Caruso Maccaroni Club that we had designed. That first project spoke of modernity in the local tradition; the new project speaks of a comfortable and non-aggressive space -- a space which will give people the 'joie de vivre' in a country full of sad memories." Says the designer Giovanni D'Ambrosio. More

Architecture-Page | CCIS Panoramic Garden by Sadar Vuga Arhitekti

CCIS Panoramic Garden

The Panoramic Garden in Ljubljana, Slovenia frames its landscape into a spatial organizer, accentuating hence not only the aesthetic qualities of the space, but also its flexibility of use. More

Architecture-Page | Multipurpose Centre, Bologna by Iosa Ghini Associati

Multipurpose Centre, Bologna

Employing his characteristic design sensibilities, Italian architect Massimo Iosa Ghini redefines an existing complex to create a subtle yet intense shift in the context it presents. More


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