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Architecture-Page | Annie Residence by Bercy Chen Studio LLP

Annie Residence

Designed by Bercy Chen Studio LLP, Annie Residence is a certified green building project, maximizing efficiency in its resource consumption. More

Architecture-Page | Private Residence MW by Thomas Laurens

Private Residence MW

This private residence in Amsterdam, designed as an open social space, employs a subtle palette to shift the focus to individual elements within it. More

Architecture-Page | Hervey Bay House by Bark Design Architects

Hervey Bay House

Capturing wind and views of its panoramic surroundings, the Hervey Bay House relies on sound spatial planning to meet the demands of it's design brief. More

Architecture-Page | Buck Studio by Mass Architecture & Design

Buck Studio

Buckminster Fuller's geodesic system extends its vocabulary to the humble partition wall in this workspace designed by Californian architect Ana Henton. More

Architecture-Page | Rozmarin Restaurant, Wine Bar and Cafeteria by AKSL Arhitekti

Rozmarin Restaurant, Wine Bar and Cafeteria

Visual connections within and among the different levels allows the designers to bring together starkly varied dining spaces under a single banner in this design by Slovenian firm AKSL Arhitekti. More

Architecture-Page | Warren Street Loft Apartments by Stylander DesignGroup

Warren Street Loft Apartments

Contemporary detailing gives a refreshing new look to these apartments which retain elements from the warehouse they are housed in as subtle reminders of the past. More

Architecture-Page | MoHen Design International Office by MoHen Design International

MoHen Design International Office

Classical elements are re-interpreted in terms of their nature and use within a contemporary context in this workspace in Shanghai. More

Architecture-Page | Field House by Wendell Burnette Architects

Field House

The vast crop fields surrounding this residence in Wisconsin, USA and the anonymous structures dotting them provide for a unique source of inspiration in this design by Wendell Burnette Architects. More

Architecture-Page | Under the Moonlight House by Studio D'Ambrosio

Under the Moonlight House

The design for this single family residence, located in a natural reserve, borrows from both -- the natural and the vernacular context to blend well with them. More

Architecture-Page | White Cave by Takao Shiotsuka Atelier

White Cave

Variations in the site profile and topography create interesting shifts in this design for a single family residence overlooking the city of Oita, Japan. More

Architecture-Page | House in Brione by Markus Wespi Jerome de Meuron Architects

House in Brione

Responding to the chaos of the urban sprawl, the design for a residence in Brione introduces a complex spatial configuration into the simple geometry of a cube. More

Architecture-Page | Chokkura Plaza by Kengo Kuma & Associates

Chokkura Plaza

In his signature style, architect Kengo Kuma celebrates material in this innovative design for an exhibition and assembly space in Tochigi, Japan. More


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