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Architecture-Page | House HanenDick by JagerJanssen architects BNA

House HanenDick

Designed by JagerJanssen architects BNA, House HanenDick derives its new design from the original farmhouse's silhouette. More

Architecture-Page | Touch of Evil by NIO architecten

Touch of Evil

Designed by NIO architecten, Touch of Evil is a tunnel that is more than a connection between two areas: it is an alien, immeasurable, asymmetrical and disoriented experience. More

Architecture-Page | Highwood Square Artists Housing by Graftworks Architecture + Design

Highwood Square Artists Housing

"Our strategy is to develop varying unit types that have the flexibility to be used as live/work studio space," says Graftworks Architecture + Design, designers for the upcoming Highwood Square Artists Housing. More

Architecture-Page | Living and work area, Egide Meertens by Egide Meertens Architect BVBA

Living and work area, Egide Meertens

Designed by Egide Meertens Architect BVBA, Living and work area for the new offices of Egide Meertens use contrasting design elements to achieve a design that embodies restraint and composure. More

Architecture-Page | Casa Lasso by Julio Salcedo Design

Casa Lasso

"Perceptually, Casa Lasso relies both in the figure 8 as well as in the "quadrant / hinge" techniques. As one moves through the figure 8, it is not that there is an "architectural promenade vis-a-vis a complementary system" as much as there is a totalizing environ for perception of landscape and structure," says Julio Salcedo architect of Casa Lasso. More

Architecture-Page | Darding by Egide Meertens Architect BVBA


"The living volume was rendered in white stucco, because white stucco has the power to absorb the unrest of the environment and it gives the building a light and abstract presence." says the architecture firm Egide Meertens, Architect BVBA, designers of Darding. More

Architecture-Page | SVS House by Julio Salcedo Design

SVS House

"The SVS does not rely on figurative compositional techniques but rather draws from the richness of adjacencies, alignments and overlaps to generate its program performance, its spatial intricacy and ultimately its architectural appearance." - Julio Salcedo on SVS House. More

Architecture-Page | Allers by Egide Meertens Architect BVBA


Designed by Egide Meertens Architect BVBA, Allers is a single-family house that uses subtle blending of entrance spaces, walls, and other building elements to create a discrete habitat for the house owners. More

Architecture-Page | Central Park Residential flat by DPWT Design Ltd

Central Park Residential flat

"Glass and Perspex allow interaction and communication horizontally and vertically between the 2 levels, and help decrease the minimum degree of separation." - Arthur Chan of DPWT Design Ltd, on his design for the Central Park Residential flat. More

Architecture-Page | Office for Ogilvy by Studio Ramin Visch

Office for Ogilvy

"Under the high shed roofs, interior partitions and offices are noticeably absent. The only interruption in this working space (the size of a covered football field) consists of four large patios," says Studio Ramin Visch, the architecture firm responsible for the new design for an office for Ogilvy, Amsterdam. More

Architecture-Page | Wood Box with view by k_m.architektur

Wood Box with view

Designed by k_m.architektur, Wood Box with view stands like a floating wood box between the development way and the steeply dropping site. More

Architecture-Page | Kerry Logistic Centre, Yantian by Arthur Chan (DPWT Design Ltd.)

Kerry Logistic Centre, Yantian

"The logistics industry is a relatively new business sector here. However, in its short life this sector has managed to attract many business giants to invest in it." says Arthur Chan (DPWT Design Ltd.), the architect of Kerry Logistic Centre, Yantian. More


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