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Architecture-Page | Natal Shopping of Automobiles by Oliveira Junior & Partners

Natal Shopping of Automobiles

'The Natal Shopping of Automobiles is a new concept of entrepreneurship towards the commercialization of semi-new vehicles...' Says Oliveira Junior & Partners. More

Architecture-Page | Services Centre by Matrixassociati

Services Centre

'The intervention is modelled on the landscape via the "four-dimensionality" of the perspective foreshortening and the breaking down of the corner... ' Says Matrixassociati, on the design of Services Centre. More

Architecture-Page | A past testimony by Gaetano Gianclaudio Caponio + Partner

A past testimony

'The intervention, impelled by strong client love to places of infancy and of adolescence, aims at recovering the use of building and sets out to preserve both the architectonic identity and the relation with the surrounding space.' Says Gaetano Gianclaudio Caponio + Partner, on the design of A past testimony. More

Architecture-Page | Alaria Residence by Deliberate Design + Architecture

Alaria Residence

'The very bones of the building are its architecture. It is made entirely of common lumber and common metals, only they were used very carefully' Says Barry Peterson, Architect, on the design of Alaria Residence. More

Architecture-Page | Boutique Catherine Malandrino by Studio Christophe Pillet

Boutique Catherine Malandrino

Designed by Studio Christophe Pillet, Boutique Catherine Malandrino is an innovative showcase that will present Malandrino's collections ‘as it would be', discovered along a French promenade fusing urban space with natural elements. More

Architecture-Page | Boutique JC Jitrois by Studio Christophe Pillet

Boutique JC Jitrois

Designed by Studio Christophe Pillet, Boutique JC Jitrois' volume stems from the fusion between dark glamour and neo-baroque. More

Architecture-Page | Hotel Sezz by Studio Christophe Pillet

Hotel Sezz

Designed by Studio Christophe Pillet, Hotel Sezz is an informal space - yes, but muscularly informal, if there is such a thing. There are strong bones underneath the loose garments of this hotel. More

Architecture-Page | Boutique Rodolphe Menudier by Studio Christophe Pillet

Boutique Rodolphe Menudier

Designed by Studio Christophe Pillet, Boutique Rodolphe Menudier was inspired by rock music, James Bond movies and Las Vegas hotels. More

Architecture-Page | Plassen by 3XN architects


Designed by 3XN architects, Plassen cuts and folds the surface like a giant paper cutting, resulting in a building where the inside and the outside, the surface and the roof, merges to allow the stages, the gallery, and the cafe to open up and take advantage of the outside area. More

Architecture-Page | Geneva 2007 - Ferrari Stand by Studio Morosini

Geneva 2007 - Ferrari Stand

'The Ferrari stand that we planned at Geneva Motor-show 2007 reflects elegance and refinement of the Ferrari brand' Says Studio Morosini, on the design of Geneva 2007 - Ferrari Stand. More

Architecture-Page | Detroit 2006 - Maserati Stand by Studio Morosini

Detroit 2006 - Maserati Stand

Design of the Maserati Stand for the Detroit Motor-show, 2006 by Studio Morosini. More

Architecture-Page | Geneva 2007 - Maserati Stand by Studio Morosini

Geneva 2007 - Maserati Stand

Design of the Maserati Stand for the Geneva Motor-show, 2007 by Studio Morosini. More


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