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Architecture-Page | KEEP OFF THE GRASS! Planar Landscape Phenomena by Griffin Enright Architects

KEEP OFF THE GRASS! Planar Landscape Phenomena

"The project was a temporary exhibit at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI_Arc) installed in the school's gallery for an eight week period between December 12, 2003 and February 6, 2004. The ubiquitous lawn was the subject of this heuristic exercise about our cultural relationship to that thin plane of suburban carpet." says Griffin Enright Architects on KEEP OFF THE GRASS! Planar Landscape Phenomena. More

Architecture-Page | Public housing in Barcelona by fondaRIUS architecture

Public housing in Barcelona

"The proposed solution is for 22 flats (18 units of 60 m2 with two rooms, and 4 units of 70 m2 with 3 rooms)." says fondaRIUS architecture on Public housing in Barcelona. More

Architecture-Page | Conversion Theatre 11 by EM2N | Mathias Mueller | Daniel Niggli

Conversion Theatre 11

"Nowadays musical theatres are inherent parts of our urban cultural landscape. There is a correlation between the establishment of this popular performing art and the choice of unconventional venues." says EM2N, Switzerland. More

Architecture-Page | Black Box by Bernard Khoury/DW5

Black Box

"The black box is located next to a major department store on the northbound highway of Greater Beirut." says Bernard Khoury/DW5 on Black Box. More

Architecture-Page | Pavilion for the Jinhua Architecture Park, China by Christ & Gantenbein

Pavilion for the Jinhua Architecture Park, China

"With its widespread voluminous canopy of leaves and its knaggy branches it seems to be even older than the river, the streets and the building development. It establishes a habitation for people, spending shelter from rain and sun as well as from a far too perfect environment." says Christ & Gantenbein on Pavilion for the Jinhua Architecture Park, China. More

Architecture-Page | AV House by bgp arquitectura

AV House

"The project is a redesign of a house from the 70's - of no significant architectural value - located in front of one of the most important avenues of the city." says bgp arquitectura on AV House. More

Architecture-Page | Invisible House by altro_studio

Invisible House

"My steps start to become heavy, after two hours walk I decide to take a rest. Around me the landscape is desolated, sand dunes move following the direction of the wind pushing them." says altro_studio on The Invisible House. More

Architecture-Page | Paradise for Two by NIO architecten

Paradise for Two

'Precisely where the austere lay-out of the peat grass area touches the new nature and the whimsical landscape of the Botshol, is a garden of which the inner world does not reveal itself.' Says NIO architecten, on the design of Paradise for Two. More

Architecture-Page | Amazing Whale Jaw by NIO architecten

Amazing Whale Jaw

'People often wonder about the building's shape and what it represents, and there are a number of possible answers. A correct answer in architectural terms is that it can be viewed as a large boulder that has been worn away by footsteps and sight lines', Says NIO architecten on the design of The Amazing Whale Jaw More

Architecture-Page | Provincetown Art Association and Museum by Machado and Silvetti Associates

Provincetown Art Association and Museum

Designed by Machado and Silvetti Associates, Provincetown Art Association and Museum is the first art museum in America that is LEED silver certified. More

Architecture-Page | Eleventh House by NIO architecten

Eleventh House

'These three blocks are literally newcomers to the Groenoord-Zuid neighbourhood. They do everything differently...' Says NIO architecten, on the design of The Eleventh House More

Architecture-Page | The Getty Villa by Machado and Silvetti Associates

The Getty Villa

Designed by Machado and Silvetti Associates, The Getty Villa includes the remodeling of the existing J. Paul Getty Museum (a re-creation of the Villa dei Papiri, a first-century Roman country house) to create a new home for the Getty''s permanent collection of antiquities; the transformation of Mr. Getty's ranch house into a research facility; and the construction of new buildings, public areas, and gardens. More


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