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Architecture-Page | Architecture pierced by altro_studio

Architecture pierced

"The combination of reciprocal sensory interferences becomes a compositional tool: sight, hearing and touch take turns in a succession of indefinite and simultaneous spatial perceptions." says altro_studio on Architecture pierced. More

Architecture-Page | House for a Polo Lover by w office | west architecture workroom

House for a Polo Lover

"The living and sleeping quarters are separated by a floor of air, which becomes an intermediate entertainment space, a place from which to look out over the landscape as if watching a film or a tribune (the staircase) from which to watch the polo games on the field in front of the house." says w office | west architecture workroom on House for a Polo Lover. More

Architecture-Page | Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Engineering and Technology by Shirish Beri & Associates

Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Engineering and Technology

"The site's basic configuration was that of a half bowl with some comparatively flat land at the ridge and in the valley. A railway line ran along the highest contour. While visualizing a building that responds to the site character, it become more & more obvious that the main building should hug the bowl slopes and spread along it." says Shirish Beri & Associates on Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Engineering and Technology. More

Architecture-Page | Cremorne Riverside Centre by Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

Cremorne Riverside Centre

"The new Cremorne Riverside Centre is designed to replace and existing facility that is currently operating out of two shipping containers." says Sarah Wigglesworth Architects on Cremorne Riverside Centre. More

Architecture-Page | Residence at the Butte by Sander Architects, LLC

Residence at the Butte

"The clients are a couple who own 40 acres in Oregon where they run a business that offers state-of-the-art breeding services for cutting horses. The site encompasses a small lake, or pond, a view of a magnificent butte, Smith Rock and the distant mountains." says Sander Architects, LLC on Residence at the Butte. More

Architecture-Page | Casa Palacio by Pavlik Design Team

Casa Palacio

"A three storey circular building with a dramatic glass entrance shows off the unique home environments within" says Pavlik Design Team on Casa Palacio. More

Architecture-Page | Villa Berkel, Veenendaal by Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter

Villa Berkel, Veenendaal

"The family wanted to remodel the bungalow, but decided on the advice of Paul de Ruiter's architectural bureau to demolish the bungalow and make room for a completely new design." says Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter on Villa Berkel, Veenendaal. More

Architecture-Page | 15 Recreational houses for special target-groups by MDL Architecten

15 Recreational houses for special target-groups

"These particular units are located around a common terrain to create the ability for groups to gather, recreate, barbecue, etc. The smaller units for instance are designed to accomodate single-family usage, by example a family with a disabled member." says MDL Architecten on 15 Recreational houses for special target-groups. More

Architecture-Page | Boulevard Katwijk by Bureau Marlies van Diest Ontwerp

Boulevard Katwijk

"The main starting point was to restore the landscape by re-integrating any cuts into the shore line. The new picture is that of a wavy dune landscape." says Bureau Marlies van Diest Ontwerp on Boulevard Katwijk. More

Architecture-Page | Stumptown Cafe - Ace Hotel by MADE Inc.

Stumptown Cafe - Ace Hotel

"The intent of this cafe is to give people a unique experience with coffee-encouraging customers to stand along the bar and enjoy a shot of espresso, or meander through the offerings of single-origin coffees available by the cup or pound." says MADE Inc. on Stumptown Cafe - Ace Hotel More

Architecture-Page | Une piece Moiree by LANDS Architecture

Une piece Moiree

"The Wood. The Mountains. Copper as primary matter. Plastic, ductile, malleable. Architecture as a reassuring presence. A rhythmic code is wrapping the shell, container of emotions." says LANDS on Une piece Moiree. More

Architecture-Page | Plaka Comex Pavilion by JHG Jorge Hernandez De La Garza

Plaka Comex Pavilion

"The versatility, flexibility and facility to apply the product were the guidelines of design for this showroom; the intention was to show the product, the new launchings and the facility in its application." says JHG - Jorge Hernandez De La Garza on Plaka Comex Pavilion. More


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