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Architecture-Page | GDL1 House by bgp arquitectura

GDL1 House

"The project is located on a sloped site in the suburbs of the city of Guadalajara, with a fantastic view to a beautiful green area and the city." says bgp arquitectura on GDL1 House. More

Architecture-Page | Ellipse 1501 House by Antonino Cardillo

Ellipse 1501 House

"In the internal space between the two walls an ample inter-space comprises the accessory area (stairs to the bedroom, bathroom, boiler, storerooms, cupboard) serving the occupants of the house and contributing to stabilising the temperature of the large central hall." says Antonino Cardillo on Ellipse 1501 House. More

Architecture-Page | HP Demo Room by Arthur Chan (DPWT Design Ltd.)

HP Demo Room

"In this digital era, the 'display approach' by representing no 'real' products, is manifested by projecting their images on screens; the whole concept in this HP demo room is to provide an online tour for all patrons." says Arthur Chan (DPWT Design Ltd.) on HP Demo Room. More

Architecture-Page | Media Academy by COEN! Agency for design

Media Academy

"The Media Academy is the leading training institute for the media and is located in a stately villa at the Media Park in Hilversum." says COEN! Agency for design on Media Academy More

Architecture-Page | Upside down Skyscraper by Archi[te]nsions

Upside down Skyscraper

"The most important variable is the time. The collapse, the acceleration and the simultaneity of the time. In fact the space becomes temporal. Time is space because space is what we construct and time is what allows us to measure the space." says Archi[te]nsions on Upside down Skyscraper. More

Architecture-Page | House_Uc by Miyahara Architect Office


"The client felt that a residence was a form of self-exposure to the outer world. In order to live up to his expectations, House_Uc was designed to imply the essence of the house within the urban context by bringing out the characteristics of the finishing material that was chosen together with the client." says Miyahara Architect Office on House_Uc. More

Architecture-Page | K Office by Lapo Ruffi Architetto

K Office

"The project, born from a dialogue between a rectangular plan from whose perimeter new walls are inserted and central organic forms was built using over 3000 etched glass bricks. The new architecture has become a body of light inside a casing of horizontal lines, generating distributive flows without static divisions and has great functional flexibility." says Lapo Ruffi Architetto on K Office. More

Architecture-Page | 2 Apartment Towers by JSA (Jeroen Schipper Architecten Bv)

2 Apartment Towers

"The plan consists of two apartment towers, each with fourteen apartments, in the 'Vijfhoek' neighbourhood in Deventer." says JSA (Jeroen Schipper Architecten bv) on 2 Apartment Towers. More

Architecture-Page | Garcia Residence by Ibarra Rosano Design Architects

Garcia Residence

"The site of the Garcia Residence is a steep north facing rocky slope in the foothills of the Tucson Mountains." says Ibarra Rosano Design Architects on Garcia Residence. More

Architecture-Page | [WIDE]BAND by Griffin Enright Architects


"The commission resulted from a competition sponsored by Interior Design magazine and NeoCon West to showcase an unusual mix of products by using unique approaches." says Griffin Enright Architects on [WIDE]BAND. More

Architecture-Page | Aussersihl Community Center by EM2N | Mathias Mueller | Daniel Niggli

Aussersihl Community Center

"The building makes do with residual spaces between the root protection areas around the existing trees." says Architekten EM2N | Mathias Mueller | Daniel Niggli on Aussersihl Community Center. More

Architecture-Page | B018 by Bernard Khoury/DW5


"In the early months of 1998, the B018 moved to the 'Quarantaine', on a site that was better known for its macabre aura. The 'Quarantaine' is located at the proximity of the port of Beirut.." says Bernard Khoury/DW5 on B018. More


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