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Architecture-Page | "Hayrack" apartments by Ofis arhitekti

"Hayrack" apartments

"The site is the edge of alpine town Cerklje with beautiful views to surrounding fields and mountains." says Ofis arhitekti on "Hayrack" apartments. More

Architecture-Page | Community School, Netherlands by N2 architekten + Mecanoo Architecten

Community School, Netherlands

"A primary school should make a joyous use of space; this spatial aspect of architecture has been utilized to create an adventurous route with exciting vistas." says N2 architekten on the Community School in Netherlands project. More

Architecture-Page | AAG House by Manuel Cerda Perez - MCP Arquitectura

AAG House

AAG House, Albuixech, Spain by Manuel Cerda Perez - MCP Arquitectura More

Architecture-Page | Winter Residence by Ibarra Rosano Design Architects

Winter Residence

"The transformation of the Winter Residence began as a simple request for a bathroom remodel. The owner Jerry Winter and his soon-to-be wife, Desi Rosenfield, were interested in creating bathrooms that matched the minimal and contemplative feel of the modern spas and boutique hotels they had visited in their travels." says Ibarra Rosano Design Architects on Winter Residence. More

Architecture-Page | Cury House by Marcio Kogan Arquiteto (mk 27)

Cury House

"The Cury House is the alignment of design, of exhaustingly elaborated details, and of execution." says Marcio Kogan Arquiteto (mk 27) on Cury House. More

Architecture-Page | Orthodontist's practice by JSA (Jeroen Schipper Architecten Bv)

Orthodontist's practice

"The practice for the orthodontist -- or cosmetic dentist -- is located in the outskirts of Zwolle-Zuid." says JSA (Jeroen Schipper Architecten Bv) on Orthodontist's practice More

Architecture-Page | EverGreen Casual Food Bar by Marco Rucci architect (1AX network)

EverGreen Casual Food Bar

"The concept starts from a desire: to let the customer experience become a 'total experience'. A space able to expand the customer senses by pushing them to move, to feel forms, shapes and materials." says Marco Rucci architect (1AX network) on EverGreen Casual Food Bar. More

Architecture-Page | Christophe Lemaire Shop by Franklin Azzi Architecture

Christophe Lemaire Shop

"Two seconds away from the rue Vieille du Temple, at 28 rue de Poitou, stands a black facade, adorned with the clover emblem of the brand, forming an angle with the rue de Saintonge." says Franklin Azzi Architecture on Christophe Lemaire Shop. More

Architecture-Page | San Giorgio Public Library by fondaRIUS architecture

San Giorgio Public Library

"The preexistent complex has a thickness of 40 metres." says fondaRIUS architecture on San Giorgio Public Library. More

Architecture-Page | Holiday Cottage in the Swiss Alps by EM2N | Mathias Mueller | Daniel Niggli

Holiday Cottage in the Swiss Alps

"The topography, character and quality of the location are seldom taken into account in the planning. The houses could just as well come from the catalogue of a company that supplies ready-made homes, their architectural expression is accordingly arbitrary." says Architekten EM2N | Mathias Mueller | Daniel Niggli on Holiday Cottage in the Swiss Alps. More

Architecture-Page | Centrale by Bernard Khoury/DW5


"The Centrale project is housed in a recuperated ruin of a 1920's residential structure that is placed under historical protection." says Bernard Khoury/DW5 on Centrale. More

Architecture-Page | Seifert House by BAU|KULTUR

Seifert House

"There is only a smooth pastel coloured surface inside the concrete 'boulders' (= concrete blocks in the form of simplified rocks)." says BAU|KULTUR (The Bureau for Architecture, Urbanism and Culture) on Seifert House. More


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