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Architecture-Page | LGS House by Manuel Cerda Perez - MCP Arquitectura

LGS House

LGS House, Valencia, Spain by Manuel Cerda Perez - MCP Arquitectura More

Architecture-Page | Bercario Primetime (Primetime child learning center) by Marcio Kogan Arquiteto (mk27)

Bercario Primetime (Primetime child learning center)

"This project is the first Brazilian nursery developed from a program specially directed for children aged from zero to 3 years, based on an exclusive educational concept.” Says Marcio Kogan Arquiteto (mk27) on Bercario Primetime (Primetime child learning center). More

Architecture-Page | Schipper House by JSA (Jeroen Schipper Architecten Bv)

Schipper House

"The house for the Schipper family in the Matterhornlaan in Venray forms part of an infill plan in the Veltum neighborhood, which involves adding six new plots at the end of the street. To the south, the property borders on the grounds of an existing house and to the west and the north, new houses have been built." says JSA (Jeroen Schipper Architecten Bv) on Schipper House More

Architecture-Page | IB3 Building by Bernard Khoury/DW5

IB3 Building

"Our design mission was developed around the shell and core principle which consists of designing the structure of the edifice, its facades and the common areas, leaving all the inhabitable surfaces to be partitioned and finished by the architects of the future owners of each residence." says Bernard Khoury/DW5 on IB3 Building. More

Architecture-Page | Siemens - This is How Exhibition by Arthur Chan (DPWT Design Ltd.)

Siemens - This is How Exhibition

"The exhibition launch for the holistic new image of Siemens (the new slogan of 'This Is How…. Siemens') refreshes in the minds of the audience; the concept of a provocative, environmental and technical approach from Siemens - a company with global reach." says Arthur Chan (DPWT Design Ltd.) on Siemens - This is How Exhibition. More

Architecture-Page | Habita by bgp arquitectura


"From a distance, the clean new facade appears to be an expressionless mask, but this impression is undone at closer range as the shadows of walkways and balconies and their inhabitation become visible." says bgp arquitectura on Habita. More

Architecture-Page | The Australian Garden by Taylor Cullity Lethlean + Paul Thompson

The Australian Garden

"The project seeks to stimulate visitors, in creative landscape compositions, using the diversity and potential of indigenous flora.", Taylor Cullity Lethlean on The Australian Garden. More

Architecture-Page | Engineering College Building (Phase - I), Kolhapur Institute of Technology by Shirish Beri & Associates

Engineering College Building (Phase - I), Kolhapur Institute of Technology

"The design responded to the ten acre sloping site's organic physical qualities and thus made the building fit snugly onto it. This shaping for the building according to the contours created many design opportunities and potentials at various levels - including a large stepped open air theatre in the centre." says Shirish Beri & Associates on Engineering College Building (Phase-I), Kolhapur Institute Of Technology. More

Architecture-Page | Santa Monica Office by Sander Architects, LLC

Santa Monica Office

"The radical-but-functional design is aimed at distinguishing the client from others in the field." says Sander Architects, LLC on Santa Monica Office. More

Architecture-Page | Office Dupon by Studio Ramin Visch

Office Dupon

"What Dupon had in mind was a modern open office environment surprising its visitors by the contrast between the outside and the interior." says Studio Ramin Visch on Office Dupon. More

Architecture-Page | Nair House by Rajeev Agarwal, Architects

Nair House

"The homes turn inward towards the more private rear gardens. The front garden, a result of the zoning byelaws is usually ornamental in nature with little activity in them." says Rajeev Agarwal, Architects on Nair House. More

Architecture-Page | Le Theatre, Mons by Atelier d'Architecture Pierre Hebbelinck & Pierre de Wit

Le Theatre, Mons

"Our approach was to consider the place as an entity that needs a new impulse of development. Although it is located near the centre of Mons, the riding school is isolated from the cultural heart of the city, which is concentrated around the market square." says Atelier d'Architecture Pierre Hebbelinck & Pierre de Wit on Le Theatre, Mons. More


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