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Architecture-Page | SDM Institute for Management Development by Shirish Beri & Associates

SDM Institute for Management Development

"The objective was to impart quality education by not just imitating the western model but by creating new one in the Indian context. As an architect, my endeavor was to create spaces that would act as catalysts in this learning process." says Shirish Beri & Associates on SDM Institute for Management Development. More

Architecture-Page | Tree House by Sander Architects, LLC

Tree House

"The design and building of Tree House was a labor of love. Whitney Sander designed this house for his sister, her first house." says Sander Architects, LLC on Tree House. More

Architecture-Page | New cinema Het Ketelhuis by Studio Ramin Visch

New cinema Het Ketelhuis

"The inner volume contains two 50-seat film auditoriums at ground-floor level with a larger, 143-seat auditorium above them. The connection between these two levels is provided by a freestanding steel staircase that climbs outside of the volume." says Studio Ramin Visch on New cinema Het Ketelhuis More

Architecture-Page | SVR4 Building by Manuel Cerda Perez - MCP Arquitectura

SVR4 Building

SVR4 Building, Alicante, Spain by Manuel Cerda Perez - MCP Arquitectura. More

Architecture-Page | Volume B by Marcio Kogan Arquiteto (mk27)

Volume B

"We used the materials in their extreme condition, such as visible concrete executed without any concern about precision or finishing." says Marcio Kogan Arquiteto (mk27) on Volume B. More

Architecture-Page | Yabani by Bernard Khoury/DW5


"The Yabani project was built to house a Japanese restaurant and bar on a 285 s.q.m site located at the edge of the Damascus road on the former demarcation line that separated East and West Beirut. The traces of shelling of the recent wars are highly visible on many of the adjacent buildings that are still squatted by refugees." says Bernard Khoury/DW5 on Yabani. More

Architecture-Page | IFAL Theater by bgp arquitectura

IFAL Theater

"The remodeling consisted of updating equipment, seats, all finishes and accessories to recover functionality and versatility to new programs." says bgp arquitectura on IFAL Theater. More

Architecture-Page | Sapre residence by Shirish Beri & Associates

Sapre residence

They (the clients) approached architect Shirish Beri to design this house that was special, that which would be attractive as well as friendly to their extended family of friends on a typical housing society plot of 15m x 30m. More

Architecture-Page | Canberra Arboretum by by Taylor Cullity Lethlean + Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects

Canberra Arboretum

"The concept for the Arboretum arises from a particular taxonomic strategy - from a method of curating and arranging trees, in an ordered collection, as though for a tree museum." says Taylor Cullity Lethlean on Canberra Arboretum. More

Architecture-Page | Residence for a Sculptor 3 by Sander Architects, LLC

Residence for a Sculptor 3

"The dialog here is between fineness and unrefined, between an outward effortless presentation and the physical efforts that are required to present this." says Sander Architects, LLC on Residence for a Sculptor 3. More

Architecture-Page | Fish - Still Lifes by Dutch and Flemish Masters 1550-1700 by Studio Ramin Visch

Fish - Still Lifes by Dutch and Flemish Masters 1550-1700

"The exhibition was held in the museum's Stallen section, the former stables, with an area of 1100 m2. Besides still-lifes, the exhibits included preserved fish, mounted fish skeletons and antiquarian books." says Studio Ramin Visch on Fish - Still Lifes by Dutch and Flemish Masters 1550-1700." More

Architecture-Page | Tetris apartments by Ofis arhitekti

Tetris apartments

"The building stands on the edge of the 650 apartments development which was finished a year ago." says Ofis arhitekti on Tetris apartments. More


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