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Architecture-Page | House TN by Miyahara Architect Office

House TN

"The road in front of the site is extremely busy with a regular flow of trucks and other vehicles, and there are no satisfactory pedestrian pavements." says Miyahara Architect Office on House TN. More

Architecture-Page | JLI House by Manuel Cerda Perez - MCP Arquitectura

JLI House

"Perimeter as space, structure as reformulation of tree forest, winning all the surface of the floor plan to garden, two types of circulations, transversal, between technical furniture and perimetral, around inner space, defining a new type of medium and changing space between them. And the game with the inner-outer new space is the living" says MCP Arquitectura on JLI House. More

Architecture-Page | NOS Private Residence by Massimo Giovannetti Architecture

NOS Private Residence

"The apartment was designed to provide sober and elegant spaces with special regard to the existing layout configuration which couldn't be missed out." says Massimo Giovannetti Architecture on NOS Private Residence. More

Architecture-Page | Depa H by Hierve-Diseneria

Depa H

"The project consists in the interior design of an apartment, where the main element is a wooden mantle that extends itself throughout the apartment hosting the main space (bed, dining room, kitchen, and living room) continuing out to the exterior, thus creating an open air terrace." says Hierve-Diseneria on Depa H. More

Architecture-Page | Shopping centre WimKanPlein Almere by gpa architecten bna

Shopping centre WimKanPlein Almere

"The design is made to connect the shop with the exterior areas of the living area." says gpa architecten bna on Shopping centre WimKanPlein Almere. More

Architecture-Page | The Duke by Circle West Architects, P.C.

The Duke

"The overriding concept is the relationship between community and individuality." says Circle West Architects, P.C. on The Duke. More

Architecture-Page | Caulfield House by Chiverton Architects

Caulfield House

"The client was a developer who thought a modern house in this location would sell well." says Chiverton Architects on Caulfield House. More

Architecture-Page | Deep by CCS Architecture


"The inspiration was to connect to Bend's lumber legacy while bringing an urbane sensibility and a sense of newness from afar." says CCS Architecture on Deep. More

Architecture-Page | FUN Gaming by Arris Architects

FUN Gaming

"The premises being a part of a family entertainment centre, was required specifically to draw footfalls of a particular age group." says Arris Architects on FUN Gaming. More

Architecture-Page | Dining room for workers by Arq2g Arquitectura

Dining room for workers

"The idea was to design a small, fluid and clear space, with a lightweight floating shell, with horizontal openings to give natural light to the interior as well as to have the amazing landscape views." says Arq2g Arquitectura on Dining room for workers. More

Architecture-Page | Matchbox by Allard Architecture


"The carving out of this atrium further enhances the concept of these stacked and cantilevered boxes, while allowing for total interaction between its users." says Allard Architecture on Matchbox. More

Architecture-Page | Conti Day Spa by Alessio Patalocco

Conti Day Spa

"The most important thing is to make a spa that haven't a "kitsch" image and that can show a lot of images that we have in our collective memories but without evident post-modern forms.” says Alessio Patalocco on Conti Day Spa. More


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