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Architecture-Page | City Hall facilities extension by solinas + verd arquitectos

City Hall facilities extension

"The client's requirement born after this economic development that has brought with it a growth in the population and therefore the need for new facilities and public services." says solinas + verd arquitectos on City Hall facilities extension. More

Architecture-Page | Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art by Will Bruder + Partners Ltd.

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

"The new Gerard L. Cafesjian Pavilion of the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art is a complement to the existing Scottsdale Center for the Arts (Benny Gonzales, architect, 1975), achieved through the opportunistic adaptation of the adjacent cineplex, whose five theaters proved to be a logical organization of perfect scale for 18500 square feet of versatile temporary exhibition galleries." says Will Bruder + Partners Ltd. on Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. More

Architecture-Page | UFFICI by Roberto Marconi architetto


"The architecture of the building, an old mechanical half of the '900', with its precise identity inspired concept based on a working model for open space." says Roberto Marconi architetto on UFFICI. More

Architecture-Page | Hattutemppu

Hattutemppu "Hat Trick" - Service building of Tapionkentta sports fields

"The site is demanding as it is in the central area of Tapiola Garden city, between the cultural centre, Tapiola school and the orthodox church." saysPOOK Architects' Office on Hattutemppu "Hat Trick" – Service building of Tapionkentta sports fields. More

Architecture-Page | Buena Vista Hotel and Beach Club by O'Donnell Dannwolf and Partners, Architects Inc.

Buena Vista Hotel and Beach Club

"The client was looking for fresh architecture and interior design, that bears associations of a sophisticated, tropical beach holiday." saysO'Donnell Dannwolf and Partners, Architects Inc. on Buena Vista Hotel and Beach Club. More

Architecture-Page | Riddell Advertising and Design by Will Bruder + Partners Ltd.

Riddell Advertising and Design

"The Riddell Advertising and Design Building, created from 1993-1995, is an example of the idea of place-making." says Will Bruder + Partners Ltd. on Riddell Advertising and Design. More

Architecture-Page | House TTN by Miyahara Architect Office

House TTN

"The first request for this project was to have a sort of collective residence to accommodate three homes, a plan which would completely separate the families within the same building." says Miyahara Architect Office on House TTN More

Architecture-Page | Hesiodo by Hierve-Diseneria


"The building is bounded by a single family home to the west and a convenience store to the east and south." says Hierve-Diseneria on Hesiodo. More

Architecture-Page | Wise House by Chiverton Architects

Wise House

"The design is a solution to the site conditions and the clients program." says Chiverton Architects on Wise House. More

Architecture-Page | Mad River Boat Trips by Will Bruder + Partners Ltd.

Mad River Boat Trips

"The poetic conceptions: a rusty rock wedged from the earth about Flat Creek with a tumble of boulders, driftwood, concrete and native landscape strewn at the base of its eruption from the site; a metaphorical extension of Snow King Mountain to the east; a dynamic entry marker to the town, located adjacent to the 'Welcome to Jackson!' sign on US89A; a simple, glazed plane of massive proportions reading like a shimmering waterfall to all who pass. says Will Bruder + Partners Ltd. on Mad River Boat Trips. More

Architecture-Page | Vidyalankar Institute of Technology by Planet 3 Studios Architecture Pvt. Ltd.

Vidyalankar Institute of Technology

"With decades of experience behind them they had realized that they needed an academic culture that allowed students to imbibe learning in flexible environments & schedules, encouraged informal interactions between students and faculty, promoted holistic mental and physical development of students and encouraged the community at large to participate in the joy of learning." says Planet 3 Studios Architecture Pvt. Ltd. on Vidyalankar Institute of Technology. More

Architecture-Page | Interface of spatiality by MOM (Morar de Outras Maneiras / Living in Other Ways)

Interface of spatiality

"There was no client for this project. It was directed towards ordinary people that usually come into spaces after they are finished. The idea was to open the possibility for people to simultaneously design, build and use a space." says MOM (Morar de Outras Maneiras / Living in Other Ways) on Interface of spatiality. More


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