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Published: Thursday, May 15, 2008

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House TTN

"The first request for this project was to have a sort of collective residence to accommodate three homes, a plan which would completely separate the families within the same building." says Miyahara Architect Office on House TTN

By: Miyahara Architect Office

Architecture-Page | House TTN by Miyahara Architect Office
Two stairs to upper floor.

Another important aspect of House TTN was its structure. As the decision had been taken not to separate the homes completely, the residents wished to retain an option that would enable them to cut the building in half, left and right, in case they wished to do so in the future. In order to make this possible, the two sides of the structure including the foundation are completely independent of each other, and designed to guarantee durability after being divided. Of course, if two new separate buildings were to emerge, they would both need to pass the various building regulations. Therefore, this aspect greatly influenced the initial plan and form of House TTN. However, it may also be said that because of this requirement, it was possible to achieve a bold design, shaping the areas that would be removed if the house were to be divided into outdoor common decks. It is unclear whether this option will be taken in the future, but having an alternative will surely encourage friendly and active communication between the families.

Architecture-Page | House TTN by Miyahara Architect Office
Common deck.

House TTN thus provides the necessary functions for an "urban" extended family, accommodating the needs of modern nuclear families who have grown accustomed to independent life but have chosen to enjoy the benefits of being part of a large family.

Architecture-Page | House TTN by Miyahara Architect Office
Transparent stairs.

Materials: Exterior Wall: Galvanization steel plate; Inetrior Wall: Emulsion paint; Interior flooring: Pine flooring. The choice of materials is primarily for cost control.

Architecture-Page | House TTN by Miyahara Architect Office
Night view.


  • Text: Teruo Miyahara
  • Photographs: Mitsumasa Fujitsuka

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