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Published: Friday, March 21, 2008

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Boulevard Katwijk

"The main starting point was to restore the landscape by re-integrating any cuts into the shore line. The new picture is that of a wavy dune landscape." says Bureau Marlies van Diest Ontwerp on Boulevard Katwijk.

By: Bureau Marlies van Diest Ontwerp

Architecture-Page | Boulevard Katwijk by Bureau Marlies van Diest Ontwerp
Height difference between boulevard and beach.

Beauty spots

The design has taken into account those beauty spots that are so typical of Katwijk. The squares are all placed in such a position that landmarks such as the church, the Lighthouse and Hotel Savoij, making them recognizable from a distance. At the lighthouse square is a new amphitheatre emphasizing the difference in height. The new sea square, with a giant bench (30 mtrs in length) is the absolute centrepiece of the Boulevard.

Architecture-Page | Boulevard Katwijk by Bureau Marlies van Diest Ontwerp
View of the north.


Simple, natural looking design with sturdy elements in scale with the dunes and the sea are used. For example the specially developed gravel tile. The spots of mother of pearl give the tiles a glistering image, without standing out too much.


  • Text: Anke de Bruin / Marlies van Diest
  • Photographs: Chiel van Diest Fotografie

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