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Published: Monday, December 18, 2006

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Aero caffe

Ideas and conversation, individuality and interaction come together courtesy the Aero Caffe - cafe system, which seeks to celebrate this exchange between the opposites.

By: Iosa Ghini Associati

Architecture-Page | Aero caffe by Iosa Ghini Associati
View of the Aero Caffe cafe system.

Project Details

  • Project Name: Aero Caffe - cafe system
  • Client: COF Divisione ISA
  • Principal Designer: Massimo Iosa Ghini
  • Date of commencement of project: 2004
  • Date of completion of project: 2005

Architecture-Page | Aero caffe by Iosa Ghini Associati
The design attempts to incorporate the very essence of the interactions it generates into itself.

The Design

In designing the Aero Caffe cafe system, the designers sought to interpret and imbibe the essence of the interaction it generates into the design itself. In the words of the designer, "Uniqueness in multiplicity, the Cosmos in Chaos- this is the new formula for meeting places, which today more than ever, are marked by a demolition of boundaries. The design of "non-places" must cater to modern travelers who are constantly on the go, for whom the world comes together in endless combinations."

Architecture-Page | Aero caffe by Iosa Ghini Associati
The ambiance is warm yet austere, attempting to encourage a free flow of thoughts and conversation.

The cafe system is thus realized as a crossroads of ideas and innovations, which is conducive to the free flow of thoughts and conversation, stimulated by a warm yet austere ambiance. The lighting thus encourages encounters and celebrates individuality. Elegant, evocative spaces which can be shared by a number of customers without violating each other's privacy and space thus result.


  • Text: Courtesy of the architect
  • Photographs: Courtesy of the architect
  • Compiled and edited by Mitesh Saraf

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