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Published: Thursday, April 26, 2007

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Absence Of Light

Innovative lighting and construction materials set apart this design by Hans Moor Architects for a bridge in Rotterdam.

By: Hans Moor Architects

Architecture-Page | Absence Of Light by Hans Moor Architects
View of the auto-bridge leading to the metro station.

Project Details

  • Project Name: Absence Of Light
  • Client: OBR Rotterdam
  • Project Type: Architectural design
  • Principal Designer: Hans Moor
  • Design Team: Hans Moor, John van der Laarse, Leonna van der Heiden
  • Contractors: BAM Breda
  • Subcontractors: Vitriline + Osram
  • Year of commencement of project: 2004
  • Year of completion of project: 2006
  • Location of site: Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Site Area: 4 hectares
  • Built-up Area: 1500 square meters
  • Cost of Construction/Execution: 2,300,000 Euros

Architecture-Page | Absence Of Light by Hans Moor Architects
Side view of the bridge.

The Building

The impact of movement and speed on spatial experience is the key inspiration for the design of this bridge in Rotterdam. A transient image is captured as a permanent reality in this design which does away with conventional lamp-post lighting. Instead the bridge is lit 'of itself'.

Architecture-Page | Absence Of Light by Hans Moor Architects
Glass dots help illuminate the areas below the bridge as well.

The bridge is constructed in concrete in combination with glass 'dots'. These units, which were specially developed by a supplier of glass and light, are made entirely of glass through which daylight travels and illuminates the space under the bridge during daytime. These glass units are fitted with 2,500 LED modules and provide sufficient and even light for the roadway.

Absence Of Light - Construction details [opens in a pop-up window - 76.5kb image]

Oblique columns have been used in the design accentuating the linear edges of the bridge. the pillars (4 fingers) on the underside are visually linked with each other creating the illusion of the bridge resting on the water.

Architecture-Page | Absence Of Light by Hans Moor Architects
The glass units are filled with LED modules which provide adequate lighting during the night.

The pedestrian walks over a perforated steel section which is interrupted every 3 meters by glass lit from below. The lighting in the pedestrian section is designed differently owing to the difference in pace and movement of the traffic. Safety also plays a greater role here and much better lighting is required.


  • Text: Courtesy of the architect
  • Photographs by Maarten Laupman, Courtesy of the architect
  • Compiled and edited by Varun Ajani

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