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Published: Wednesday, September 06, 2006

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BEA Seating System

Strict ergonomic solutions merge with signature Fuksas sensuality to create the 'New Concept' Bea seating system that offers flexibility in features and function.

By: Massimiliano Fuksas architetto

Architecture-Page | Bea Seating System by Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto
The shell of the BEA lends it a sleek profile

Project Details

  • Product name: Bea Seating system
  • Object: New Concept
  • Typology: Task Intensive Ergonomic Seating
  • Principal designers: Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas
  • Design Team: Davide Stolfi, Ana Gugic, Thomas Bernschein
  • Bea team co-ordination & engineering: Stefano Getzel, Luigi Cappellin
  • Materials: Polypropylene, Nylon+ fg, Aluminum, Steel, Flame retardant foam, Flame retardant fabrics
  • Launch: April 2006
  • Delivery: September 2006

Architecture-Page | Bea Seating System by Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto
The Bea chair

The Product

While conventional seating systems articulate ergonomic technology by exposing an exo-skeleton, the Bea adopts a radically new approach by incorporating it in a flexible and visually appealing shell. In its loaded version, Bea adheres to the strictest ergonomic and safety standards, while in its 'non-work' version it doubles up as a residential lounge chair.

Bea has an internal frame in Zytel® 80G33 which is covered with a double layer of reinforced Pebax®. The technology utilized here is similar to that employed in the manufacture of athletic footwear. Housed in its task intensive model is a BeaRevo synchron mechanism with push and click controls that allow adjustable armrests, lumbar adjustment and forward seat sliding. The seat is upholstered in flame retardant anti- transpiration fabrics.

Architecture-Page | Bea Seating System by Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto
BeaRevon synchron mechanism


  • Text and Photographs: Courtesy, the architect
  • Compiled and edited by Mitesh Saraf

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