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Architecture-Page | Tom-G by Michael Bihain


Primarily consisting of a sheet of Plexiglas, Tom-G works as a vertical shelf running parallel to the surface of any wall. More

Architecture-Page | Stone by Fenestra Ateliers


Specializing in designing glass furniture, finishes and other objects, Fenestra Ateliers discusses their latest project 'Stone' More

Architecture-Page | Urban Playground by Alain Gilles

Urban Playground

"Young children acquire most of their social behaviors through the act of playing. Thus the playground and the facilities therein stand quite important." says Alain Gilles with his proposal for an urban playground. More

Architecture-Page | Boxboard by Stockenhuber Design


The Boxboard is (as is obvious) an oval shaped (in plan) bookshelf with removable boxes. The shelf's primary use is to act as a partition for large spaces. More

Architecture-Page | Universal Beer Bottle Flask by x|cruza estudio

Universal Beer Bottle Flask

Universal Beer Bottle Flask by x|cruza estudio is a prototype designed to protect beer bottles commonly sold in Argentina. More

Architecture-Page | PRADO by Inge Van Gheel


PRADO, outdoor lounge collection by Inge Van Gheel is an interesting exercise in providing a flexible configuration to inherently dynamic spaces, namely - lounges. More

Architecture-Page | Table Spice Rack by x|cruza estudio

Table Spice Rack

Derived from the need to be economical, the rack serves a growing demand for innovative household products in Argentina. Originally conceived as a research project, the practical product ended up going into production after it generated interest from a production company. More

Architecture-Page | Alex Loft Interior by Stockenhuber Design

Alex Loft Interior

The Alex-loft-interior project is an interesting example of super-positioning of a new idea on a pre-existing set of constraints. It tries redefining the character of an existing interior space through variations in color and form. More

Architecture-Page | X|lab - Portable solar cooker by  x|cruza estudio

X|lab - Portable solar cooker

The solar cooker is a collapsible product that can be unfolded to cook anything from tea to eggs, hamburgers and more. Its innovation lies in the fact that it can be easily folded down into a flat carry bag. A handy product to have outdoors. More

Architecture-Page | Bea Seating System by Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto

BEA Seating System

Strict ergonomic solutions merge with signature Fuksas sensuality to create the 'New Concept' Bea seating system that offers flexibility in features and function. More

Architecture-Page | Designs for the Officina Alessi range by Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto

Fuksas designs for Alessi

"Folding gives strength to matter," says Massimiliano Fuksas of his designs for Alessi, composed as patterns in an endless interplay of material, dimension and color. Featured here are his designs that imbibe this simple yet sensual formal approach to product design. More

Architecture-Page | BIBI-580 Seating System by Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto

BIBI-580 Seating System

"The seat is born from a new attitude, new comparisons of space and above all a design intent of receiving many users", explains architect Massimiliano Fuksas of the BIBI-580 that gives a new edge to flexibility in seating design. More


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