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Architecture-Page | Origami Series by Demacker Design

Origami Series

Bent out of a single sheet of aluminium, the Origami Series expresses its inspiration not just in its form and shape, but in its materials as well. More

Architecture-Page | KONE Vacuum System by Karim Rashid Inc.

KONE Vacuum System

Described as 'a non-traditional solution to a traditional cleaning issue', the KONE appears more like a home accent than a regular appliance, providing for a storage solution that is both trendy and functional. More

Architecture-Page | Asis Range by Nexus Product Design

Asis Range

The Asis range of modular products helps visually de-clutter the bathroom by providing functionally viable and aesthetically humble storage solutions. More

Architecture-Page | Korzina by Karim Rashid Inc.


Designer Karim Rashid belts out another signature design that merges sinuous lines with contemporary materials to serve the most mundane of functions in the most enthusiastic manner. More

Architecture-Page | Hof van Leende by Joost van Santen

Hof van Leende

Designer Joost van Santen skilfully manipulates natural light in his designs for an integrated installation at the Hof van Leende, translating it into surreal graphics that adorn its ceilings. More

Architecture-Page | Lucy - hammock for one tree, designstudio LUCY.D

Lucy - hammock for one tree

Designed by designstudio LUCY.D, Lucy is a hammock that doesn't require the usual two trees for its functioning. Depending on the height at which it is suspended, the hammock provides for various usage possibilities. More

Architecture-Page | OYON and Be Eve by Michael Bihain

OYON and Be Eve

Designed by Michael Bihain, both these products essentially work as wall hangings. Calling them 'mural fruit holders' the designer infuses the design with an altogether different context and meaning. More

Architecture-Page | City Fox by Designstudio LUCY.D

City Fox

Designed by Designstudio LUCY.D, City Fox is a flexible belt system for handbags. With a short, strong pull the belt can be made longer or shorter depending on user preferences. More

Architecture-Page | Miss Ladder by Michael Bihain

Miss Ladder

Designed by Michael Bihain, Miss Ladder offers flexibility in everyday usage. The flexibility extends beyond the ordinary collapsible to provide multiple configurations derived from varying user needs. More

Architecture-Page | Flapshelve by Stockenhuber Design


A variation on their existing project "boxboard", the "flapshelve" is an oval shaped bookshelf that is self-supporting. In as much as it doesn't have any nails or screws as part of its structure. More

Architecture-Page | OXO - Magic Kite by x|cruza estudio

OXO - Magic Kite

The magic kite was created as a mass consumption product with qualities that a layperson and a serious hobbyist would enjoy. It can be instantaneously unfolded for use, and folded back into a bag. More

Architecture-Page | Scott, bar glasses by designstudio LUCY.D

Scott, bar glasses

Consisting of a series of five mouth blown glasses, the Scott series of bar glasses explores a multitude of questions related to its end use. Slightly distorted (but not quite), the glasses ring aloud with both: sensitive design and subtle humor. More


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