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Published: Monday, February 11, 2008

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West Edge Architects, Peter M. Mitsakos & Associates

Profile of the American architecture firm West Edge Architects, Peter M. Mitsakos & Associates.

Architecture-Page | Branch Library Public Park (Prototype) by West Edge Architects, Peter M. Mitsakos & Associates

Branch Library Public Park (Prototype)

"The building is carved into a natural slope and woven in between an existing grove of Sycamore trees." says West Edge Architects, Peter M. Mitsakos & Associates on Branch Library Public Park (Prototype). More

Profile of West Edge Architects, Peter M. Mitsakos & Associates

Business Name
West Edge Architects, Peter M. Mitsakos & Associates
United States

Architecture-Page | West Edge Architects, Peter M. Mitsakos & Associates, USA
[L-R] Charles Lee, Nancy Levens, Vianney Boutry, Kin Lee, Alberto Galindo. [Seated] Peter Mitsakos, Ramona Hernandez.


Peter Mitsakos (1957)

  • Bachelor of Architecture, University of Southern California (1980)


West Edge Architects, Peter M. Mitsakos & Associates was established in 2000 with a goal to serve both our clients and the community, and to create extraordinary architecture. Our clients share the belief that thoughtfully designed spaces can have a great and positive impact, from establishing a sense of place to contributing to a global, sustainable future.

We are pursuing a way of practicing architecture that allows us to understand and give expression to a variety of activities across a range of building types. This allows us to look at each project with a fresh perspective, keeps us attentive to the needs of each client and provides the opportunity to develop a design solution that is unique to each project's goals and circumstances. We have become very good listeners and have developed an open design process that permits us to optimize the knowledge of our clients and the expertise of our consultants in the development of the architectural concept and the resolution of the technical aspects of the building.

Our work attempts to embody and express the values of the institutions and individuals that initiate it. This is facilitated by a process in which the client and the architect work together to identify project goals and evaluate alternative strategies to achieve those goals. This process results in work that is unique and responsive to the specific goals of the institution, the functional requirements of the program and to the conditions of the site.

We are interested in seeing our client's goals met and our best ideas come to fruition. The principals of West Edge Architects are directly involved in every project the firm is working on as the primary design and management staff. Their project experience is applied to every project West Edge Architects undertakes.

Finally, our mission is to create buildings that have less of an impact on the environment - locally and globally - through their construction and operation. Our fundamental belief as a firm is that sustainability is not something that is "attached" to buildings, but is integral to design. Many of our projects have characteristics other than those categorized as "green" that can be considered sustainable. Having more fresh air, daylight and access to the outdoors makes our buildings pleasant and healthy to inhabit. This also means they are more economical to run and, in the aggregate, have a downward impact on the cost of building.


  • Founded: 2000
  • Offices: 1
  • Design team: 5

Key projects

  • 2007-2009 - 1138 Wilshire Mixed Use Development 85,000 SF building with commercial, retail, fine dining, and parking elements. Los Angeles, CA; USA
  • 2007-2011 - Newhall Ranch Sheriff's Station (Concept Design) Public Safety Facility earmarked for LEED Gold Certification. Santa Clarita, CA; USA
  • 2007 - Glendale Public Library (Prototype Designs) Public Park Concept Design and Parking Lot Concept Design. Glendale, CA, USA
  • 2007 - LEED Certification, Bovis Lend Lease LEED Certification Administration for Tenant Improvement Build Out. Los Angeles, CA; USA
  • 2003-2007 - Private Residence; (2003-2007); 3,300 SF Two-Story Steel Frame Residence. Laurel Canyon, CA, USA
  • 2006-2007 - Modular Classroom Village, East Los Angeles College. Placement of 37 modular buildings reinforcing Campus Master Plan. Monterey Park, CA; USA
  • 2004 - Los Angeles Clippers Practice Facility (Concept Design) Practice facility and offices for NBA basketball team. Los Angeles, CA; USA
  • 2006-2007 - Daikin AC (Americas) Western Region Headquarters Interior architecture for offices and product (HVAC) sales. El Segundo, CA; USA
  • 2005 - Classroom Building - SAE Institute of Technology Interior architecture design of sound recording and engineering classroom building. In association with DL Design Associates. Hollywood, CA; USA
  • 2005 - O'Connor Construction Management, Inc. Western Region Headquarters; Interior architecture for construction management and cost estimating company offices Irvine, CA; USA

Note from West Edge Architects

Why Be Green?

Developing facilities in a way that lessens the environmental impact of both the building process and facility operations has moved to the forefront of the design and construction community's consciousness. This is in direct response to dwindling worldwide resources and the uniquely high level of the industry's impact:

  • The construction market represents 20% of U.S. economy - NIST and the National Science & Technology Council
  • Buildings represent 39% of U.S. primary energy use (includes fuel input for production) - U.S. DOE Buildings Energy Databook
  • Buildings represent 70% of U.S. electricity consumption - U.S. DOE Buildings Energy Databook
  • Buildings worldwide use 40% of raw materials globally (3 billion tons annually) - Worldwatch Institute
  • 136 million tons of building-related construction and demolition debris is generated in the U.S. in a single year - U.S. EPA

It is up to the design team to provide leadership in identifying opportunities for the economical operation and energy efficiency of a building without sacrificing the creation of a functional, comfortable and healthy environment for its occupants.

Conversely, West Edge Architects recognize that sustainable building strategies must be balanced with other project requirements. Our working methodology allows for the entire team - client, consultant and architect - to participate in the formation of the project concept. This collaborative approach leads to synergies where a single strategy or building feature achieves multiple objectives. As a result, our designs embody the resolution of priorities that represent the entire project team.

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