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Published: Monday, October 05, 2009

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vora arquitectura

Profile of the Portuguese architecture firm vora arquitectura, led by Pere Buil Castells, Jordi Fornells Castello and Toni Riba Gali.

Architecture-Page | Can Ricart Sports Center by vora arquitectura

Can Ricart Sports Center

"The requirement was a public sports center for a socially difficult area. So it had to be cheap, it had to be integrative, and it had to be easy to use, with clear distribution.", says vora arquitectura on Can Ricart Sports Center. More

Architecture-Page | Bombolla animac by vora arquitectura

Bombolla animac

"The requirement was that the balloon had to identify Lleida’s International Animated Film Festival - Animac. Placed on public space, this element had to represent, from the outside, the festival.", says vora arquitectura on Bombolla animac. More

Profile of vora arquitectura

Business Name
vora arquitectura
Portugal, Catalonia

Architecture-Page | vora arquitectura
Pere Buil Castells

Architecture-Page | vora arquitectura
Jordi Fornells Castello

Architecture-Page | vora arquitectura
Toni Riba Gali


Pere Buil Castells (1973), Jordi Fornells Castello (1973) and Toni Riba Gali (1973)


vora arquitectura was founded in 2000 in Lisbon by Pere Buil Castells (1973) and Jordi Fornells Castello (1973) who were joined by Toni Riba Gali (1973) in 2004. It is a well established practice of young architects who studied architecture at the Escola Tecnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona [ETSAB]. Before starting our own practice, we previously collaborated with the architecture offices of Goncalo Byrne, Joao Luis Carrilho da Graca in Portugal, and Bosch-Tarrus and Tarrasso-Espinas in Barcelona. Even though we still keep a small infrastructure in Portugal, we moved back to Barcelona in 2002.

The Can Ricart Sports Center is our major work built to date. In addition to the Sports Complex we have been able to build a few single-family houses, several private refurbishment projects and some ephemeral spaces. We got some awards for these works. During these years we have also been working on several public projects, some close to construction e.g. two additions to two different Sports Complexes, a stepped public space with parking underneath, a travelling interactive scientific exhibition in Portugal, a maritime terminal for cruises at the Barcelona Harbour (in co-authorship with Olga Tarrasso, Julia Espinas and Jordi Henrich), a social housing block in Ibiza, a doctor surgery for a small town in south Catalonia and a Rural Hotel in Portugal.


  • Founded: 2000
  • Offices: 2
  • Design team: 7

Key projects

  • Can Ricart, Sports Center, Barcelona, Catalonia, 2000-06
  • Animac Festival Pavilion, Ephemeral Pavilion, Lleida, Catalonia, 2007
  • Hernandez House, Single Family House, El Alquian (Almeria), Spain, 2001-06
  • Can Drago, Sports Center Extension, Barcelona, Catalonia, 2006- (In Progress)
  • Maritime Passenger Terminal, Barcelona, Catalonia, 2005 (Not Built) (Coauthorship With Tarraso-Espinas-Henrich)
  • Rural Hotel, Arraiolos, Portugal, 2008- (In Progress) (Coauthorship With Rolf Heinemann)
  • 30 Units, Social Housing Block, Ibiza, Spain, 2008- (In Progress)
  • Doctor Surgery, Pauls, Catalonia, 2008- (In Progress)
  • Provinvial Historic Archive, Girona, Catalonia, 2008 (Competition) (Coauthorship With Virai Arquitectos)

Key publications

  • Domus (Italy), Can Ricart And Hernandez House, May 2008
  • Domus (Italy), Bombolla Animac, February 2009
  • Casas Recuperadas (Book, Portugal), Laforja Apartment, May 2008
  • Oris (Croatia), Bombolla Animac, October 2008
  • +Arquitectura (Portugal), Can Ricart, May 2008
  • Arq (Chile), Can Ricart, April 2008
  • Arquitectura Iberica (Portugal), Casa Hernandez, July 2008
  • Arquitectura Coam (Spain), Casa Hernandez, June 2008

Key awards

  • Arquia/Proxima Selection Of Young Spanish Architects' Work, Caja De Arquitectos, Valencia, Spain, 2008
  • Arca 2006-07 Young Architect'S Work, Colegio De Arquitectos De Almeria, Almeria, Spain, 2008
  • Bonaplata Award , Museu De La Ciencia I La Tecnica De Catalunya, Barcelona, Catalonia, 2007

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