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Published: Wednesday, July 09, 2008

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Profile of the Italian architecture firm UAU.

Profile of UAU

Business Name


Marco Verrando (1971), Francesco Mansueto (1973), Gianluca Macchi (1976) and Francesca Rossotti (1980)


UAU is a fully collaborative office, integrating different cultural, technical perspectives and different interests to offer our clients multidisciplinary services that meet their particular needs and visions.

The office structure relies upon a very special mix of talents and a network of graphic artists, visualizers, architects and designers, web designers. Through creative affiliations we make the best solutions possible.

We are ot not interested in combining different disciplines simply in order to package multiple services nor to be a supermarket of ideas: our multidisciplinary attitude develops form the spirit we put in facing new challenges, basing our project on research and innovation.

The point of our collaboration is to uncover new ideas, to look into the present for attitudes, trends, innovations and technologies and to translate them in a fully responsible and complete project.


  • Founded: 2001
  • Offices: 1
  • Design team: 8

Key project

  • Hitech Systems Headquarter, architectural project, Leine, TO, Italy, 2006
  • House F., renovation and interior design of a Single family house, Porto Cervo, SS, Italy, 2008
  • FIAT Parts and Service Bar, architectural and creative design, Volvera, TO, Italy, 200
  • Building F., renovation of New Residential Building, Sanfre, CN, Italy, 2008
  • House A., renovation and interior design of a Single family house, Turin, TO, Italy, 2005
  • Stand Hitech Systems, architectural and creative design, Interpack, Dusseldorf, Germany, 2008
  • Stand FIAT Parts and Service, architectural and creative design, Equipauto, Paris, France, 2007
  • Stand FIAT Parts and Service, architectural and creative design, Autopromotec, Bologna, Italy, 2007
  • FIAT Parts and Service canteen, architectural and creative design, Volvera, TO, Italy, 2007
  • Lighting design showroom, Veglio Aldo, Turin, To, Italy, 2007

Key publication

  • Piemonte Torino Design, Electa Catalogue, January, 2008
  • Interni, September, 2006
  • Comunicando, April, 2006
  • Comunicando, March, 2006
  • Venerdi di Repubblica, February, 2006
  • Piemonte Torino Design, Electa Catalogue, January, 2006
  • Indian Architect, Architecture Review, November, 2005
  • Ottagono, November, 2005
  • Creativ Verpacken, October, 2005
  • Ottagono, June, 2005
  • Catalogo Electa Luxury in Living, June, 2005
  • Capital, October, 2004

Key award

  • ARPRO - JSP competition - IPAK project - 2nd prize, London, Dec.200
  • OAT award Una targa per l'Architettura, Turin Architects Association, Turin, Dec.2007
  • International Prize Luxepack, Luxepack, Monaco (Montecarlo), Nov.2005

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