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Published: Thursday, November 22, 2007

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Studio Ramin Visch

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm Studio Ramin Visch.

Architecture-Page | New cinema Het Ketelhuis by Studio Ramin Visch

New cinema Het Ketelhuis

"The inner volume contains two 50-seat film auditoriums at ground-floor level with a larger, 143-seat auditorium above them. The connection between these two levels is provided by a freestanding steel staircase that climbs outside of the volume." says Studio Ramin Visch on New cinema Het Ketelhuis More

Architecture-Page | Fish - Still Lifes by Dutch and Flemish Masters 1550-1700 by Studio Ramin Visch

Fish - Still Lifes by Dutch and Flemish Masters 1550-1700

"The exhibition was held in the museum's Stallen section, the former stables, with an area of 1100 m2. Besides still-lifes, the exhibits included preserved fish, mounted fish skeletons and antiquarian books." says Studio Ramin Visch on Fish - Still Lifes by Dutch and Flemish Masters 1550-1700." More

Architecture-Page | Office Dupon by Studio Ramin Visch

Office Dupon

"What Dupon had in mind was a modern open office environment surprising its visitors by the contrast between the outside and the interior." says Studio Ramin Visch on Office Dupon. More

Architecture-Page | Office for Ogilvy by Studio Ramin Visch

Office for Ogilvy

"Under the high shed roofs, interior partitions and offices are noticeably absent. The only interruption in this working space (the size of a covered football field) consists of four large patios," says Studio Ramin Visch, the architecture firm responsible for the new design for an office for Ogilvy, Amsterdam. More

Architecture-Page | Espressobar by Studio Ramin Visch


A nineteenth century industrial building - listed for preservation - is converted into an espresso bar called "Espressofabriek" (Espresso Factory), in this architectural design by Studio Ramin Visch. More

Profile of Studio Ramin Visch

Business Name
Studio Ramin Visch

Studio Ramin Visch, founded 1998

2007 - Office Dupon, Hoofddorp, 300 m2
2007 - Apartment Karthuizer, Amsterdam, 140 m2
2007 - Office ACA/JES, Amsterdam, 1.000 m2
2007 - Apartment Berchem, Amsterdam, 85 m2
2006 - Cinema ‘het Ketelhuis', Amsterdam, 645 m2
2006 - Dentist practice. Amsterdam, 230 m2
2006 - Office Alfarez & Partners, Amsterdam, 110 m2
2005 - Espressobar, Amsterdam, 80 m2
2005 - 'In between curtains', Exhibition, NAi,
2005 - 2-sitter, seat commissioned by Zetel foundation, Amsterdam
2004 - Exhibition "Vis-Vitalis", 1.100 m2, Centraal Museum Utrecht
2004 - 2 new entrance area's for the University of Amsterdam
2003 - Housing theatergroup Orkater, Amsterdam, 1.900 m2
2003 - Entrance area Dutch Institute for Media-Art, Amsterdam, 1.800 m2 (with Erik Blits)
2002 - Office Ogilvy in former bicycle factory, 6.300 m2 (with George Witteveen)
2002 - 4 new entrance area's for the University of Amsterdam
2000 - Documentation Center, Amsterdam, 170 m2
2000 - Light-art Vondeltunnen, Vondelpark Amsterdam, 7.000 m2
1999 - Office TBWA\Jobcompany, Amsterdam, 2.000 m2
1999 - Office van Herk & de Kleijn Architects, Amsterdam, 175 m2
1999 - Pilotshop for UPC, Amsterdam, 160 m2 (with Joost Grootens)
1999 - Office TBWA\Jobcompany, Amsterdam , 2.000 m2
1998 - Cinema het Ketelhuis, Amsterdam, 360 m2
1998 - Dentist practice. Rotterdam, 230 m2
1998 - Separtation wall for ‘de Regenboog' foundation, Amsterdam
1998 - Square for the municipality of Stede Broec, 2.000 m2

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