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Published: Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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Studio Nicoletti Associates

Profile of the Italian architecture firm Studio Nicoletti Associates led by Manfredi Nicoletti and Luca Nicoletti.

Profile of Studio Nicoletti Associates

Business Name
Studio Nicoletti Associates


Manfredi Nicoletti (1930) and Luca Nicoletti (1976)


Manfredi Nicoletti is a pioneer in Megastructurals and in Bioclimatic Urban and Architectural Design; Expert in Architectural Ecology for the Italian Government and the European Community, member of the Italian Institute of Bioclimatic Architecture (ENEA), of Eurosolar, of PLEA (Passive and Low Energy Association).

Nicoletti received the International Award of WREN (World Renewable Energy Network). He is the founder of the course "Ecosystemic Architecture" at Rome University. His most innovative structures derive from the study of nature. Nicoletti published internationally also various essays about architectural criticism and the urban ecosystem. His book "The Architecture of Caves", searching for the rooths of architectural language, received the First International Prize by the CICA, Comite International des Critique d'Architecture.

Manfredi Nicoletti graduated at Rome University "La Sapienza", Master in Architecture at the M.I.T, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - USA, PhD in Urban Design at Rome University "La Sapienza". After intense collaboration with Walter Gropius, Minorou Yamasaki and P.L. Nervi, Nicoletti opened his office in Rome.

Visiting Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design USA; Lecturer at the M.I.T. School of Architecture, Mass, USA. Full Professor with tenure at Rome University "La Sapienza"; Vice President of the International Academy of Architecture; Member of the Russian Academy, of the Moscow International Academy and of the Academie de France d'Architecture.

Manfredi Nicoletti started his practice in 1957. In 2004 Giulia Falconi and Luca Nicoletti joined his office as partners of Studio Nicolettti Associati.

The Studio practice's expanded through all major aspects of urban and building design in Italy, Europe, Africa, USA, Middle and Far East.

Among the many Prizes International Competitions awards received, built and on the process of being built: the Astana State Auditorium for 3500 seats (50.000 sqm), Kazakhstan; the Nigeria National Complex in Abuja (170.000 sqm); the New Acropolis Museum, Athens; the Abuja Nigeria 32 ha Millennium Park, opened by Queen Elizabeth on 4/12/2003; the New Hall of Justice, Arezzo; the Venice Tronchetto Vehicular Terminal; the Hall of Justice, Reggio Calabria (70.000 sqm); the Palermo Sport Palace; the New Palace of Justice of Rome (65.000 sqm); the New Halls of Justice of Lecce and Campobasso; the University City of Udine (120.000 sqm); the Agrigento Main General Hospital; the Tropical Butterfly Greenhouse for the University of Catania; the Piazza dei Navigatori Civic Center in Rome; the MoWa Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Poland; the Putrajaya Precinct 4 Waterfront development, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


  • Founded: 2003
  • Offices: 1
  • Design team: 25

Key projects

  • Hall of Justice, Arezzo, Italy, 2007
  • Astana State Auditorium for 3500 seats, Kazakhstan, 2009
  • Nigeria National Complex, Abuja, Nigeria, 2009
  • Putrajaya Precinct 4 Waterfront development, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2010
  • Palermo Sport Palace, Italy, 2001
  • Hall of Justice, Reggio Calabria, Italy, 2009
  • University City of Udine, Italy, 2001
  • Agrigento Main General Hospital, 2001
  • MoWa Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Poland, 2007
  • New Acropolis Museum, Athens, 1997

Key publications

  • The Malaysian Armada in: a+ architecture plus. Architecture of a new world, n. 19, Malaisya 2008
  • Sailing Sustainability, in: Middle east architect n.6, March, Dubai 2008
  • Leaf Wave, New Arezzo Law Court, Italy, in: Dialogue n.123 April Hong Kong 2008
  • Studio Nicoletti Associati astounds with its civic gifts, in: Hinge, n. 150 january, Hong Kong 2008
  • Manfredi Nicoletti Dort Farkli Ulke Dort Yeni Tasarim, in: Mimarlik n.212, Istanbul 2008
  • Arezzo Law Court completed by Manfredi Nicoletti, in: Space n. 3, Hong Kong 2008
  • The New Arezzo Law Court in: Kontakt n.2 march-april, Phoenix 2008
  • Manfredi Nicoletti, in: World Architecture Masters, n. 04-2007, International Academy ofArchitecture Magazine of Architecture and design, Sofia 2007
  • Nature reinvented, Manfredi Nicoletti, in Attitude n. 22, July, August, Portugal 2008
  • The law of nature. in: Modern Design, n. 13, July, Madrid 2008

Key awards

  • Cityscape Dubai International Award (Putrajaya Precinct 4) 2008
  • Carrara international award Rieti (Carabinieri headquarters)
  • Dedalo Minosse international award (Arezzo Law Court) 2007
  • Cappocchin best detail international award (Arezzo Law Court) 2007
  • Fassa Bortolo Sustainability international award (Arezzo Law Court) 2008
  • IAA international award (Arezzo Law Court) 2002
  • Dedalo Minosse international award (Palermo Sport Palace) 2002
  • The Italian Architecture Institute National Prize (the New University city of Udine)
  • Gold Medal from the Architectural Association of Rome, 2001
  • Vaccarini Career Prize, 2007

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