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Published: Friday, September 28, 2007

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Sternform Produktgestaltung

Based out of Germany, Sternform Produktgestaltung is a young product design firm.

Architecture-Page | Drei-mal-Fuenf, 3x5 by Sternform Produktgestaltung

Drei-mal-Fuenf, 3x5

Designed by Sternform Produktgestaltung, Drei-mal-Fuenf, the aim of Drei-mal-Fuenf is to be neither more nor less than is necessary to store files in an appropriate and intuitive fashion. More

Profile of Sternform Produktgestaltung

Business Name
Sternform Produktgestaltung
Product Design

Architecture-Page | Sternform Produktgestaltung, Germany
[L-R] Olaf Kiessling and Andrea Grossfuss.

Sternform Produktgestaltung; (Andrea Grossfuss and Olaf Kiessling), is a young office for product design.

Words from the company

"We specialize in furniture, accessories and all kinds of products surrounding and concerning people.

We try to walk through life open-eyed and to react adequately. Additionally, we do not think purely in functional terms, but also about how our products make life pleasant -- good handling, a smile, an insight, amazement, a pleasant movement, a lightening."

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