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Published: Sunday, June 01, 2008

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Profile of the Italian architecture firm Southcorner, founded by Nella Tarantino and Antonio Cuono.

Profile of Southcorner

Business Name

Architecture-Page | Southcorner, Italy
[Clockwise from Left-Top] Nella Tarantino, Antonio Cuono, Lucio Curcio and Petris Buccheri


Nella Tarantino (1960), Antonio Cuono (1957), Petris Buccheri (1964) and Lucio Curcio (1969)


Antonio Cuono e Nella Tarantino founded Southcorner in 1994. They start a long period of apprenticeship with the professor Aldo Loris Rossi and characterize their planning research with a strong symbolic and literary connotation.

Their works go along solitary and foreign journeys, placing themselves almost waiting for the reveal of expressive possibilities otherwise hidden and denied by the present paradoxical welding among political power, cultural "market" and social environmental decay.

"Literature and art/architecture only ripple the dull and violent surface of history.

The intention is to give to the writing/architecture, like the weak light of a lantern, the uncertain and desperate attempt to light up its mirroring, irreducible contradiction."

So the ideology of the group, more and more deliberately and openly antagonistic, takes on itself the task to seek and to defy complex subjects and/or unsolved aporias: the relationship art/life, political deception/individual freedom, beauty/violence, poetry/desolation, the colours of the Mediterranean days / the darkness of the South-world evils.

Among their works must be mentioned: the "Giglio del Calzolaio" for the "Festa dei Gigli" in Nola dating back to 1994. It was openly inspired to the visionary icons of Ivan Il'ich Leonidov, the project for the Carlo Levi's Tomb in Aliano, The Sculpture for the Millenary in Vatolla dating back to 1998 dedicated to Giovanbattista Vico, The Sculpture in memory of Gennaro Serra di Cassano, martyr of the neapolitan revolution in 1799, and the Extension works of Agropoli's Cemetery published recently on Mammuth Project "1000xEuropean Architecture" and on "Concrete Creations".

Bruno Zevi, Paolo Taviani, Gillo Dorfles, Cesare De Sessa, Predrag Matvejevic, Carmine Tavarone, Gerardo Pecci, Dyrk Meyhofer, Casey C.M. Mathewson have written and have expressed opinions about their works.

Nowadays Southcorner works with Petris Buccheri and Lucio Curcio who shares with them the idea about the present historical period and the same planning hope.


  • Founded: 1994
  • Offices: 1
  • Design team: 4

Key projects

  • Residential unit, Agropoli, Salerno, 1992
  • Project for Carlo Levi's tomb, monument, Aliano, Matera, 1995
  • Sculpture for the Vatolla Millennium, steel frame, Vatolla, Salerno, 1998
  • Dedicated to the martyrdoms of 1799, steel frame, Portici, 1999
  • Enlargement of a residential building, single family house, Altavilla Silentina, Salerno, 2003
  • Cemetery extension, Agropoli, Salerno, 2004
  • El Quijote, concrete and steel frame, project 2005
  • Miniaci House, single family house, Albanella, Salerno, 2008

Key publications

  • L'architettura, cronache e storia, Memoria come sfida, unitr residenziale, Roma, gennaio 1993
  • L'ARCA, Per Catania, Milano, gennaio 1995
  • L'ESPRESSO, Angelica trilogia, Roma, 16 luglio 1998
  • L'architettura, cronache e storia, Scultura per il Millenario di Vatolla, Roma, settembre 1998
  • d'Architettura, Ampliamento del Cimitero di Agropoli, Milano, settembre 2002
  • L'architettura, cronache e storia, Ampliamento di una residenza, Roma, agosto 2003
  • L'architettura, cronache e storia, Il ricordo come espressione creativa, Roma, ottobre 2004
  • 1000xEuropean Architecture, Cemetery Extension, Berlin, 2006
  • Concrete Creations, Linking sky and earth, Berlin, 2007
  • Residential Designs for the 21st Century, Single family house, New York, 2007

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