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Published: Saturday, November 03, 2007

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Ronald Janssen Architecten

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm Ronald Janssen Architecten.

Architecture-Page | 16 houses by Ronald Janssen Architecten

16 houses

"The site is characterized by variable spacing between the houses, the use of front gardens, staggered building lines and T-junctions in the road lay-out to slow down traffic. The houses had to be 120 sq. mt. in total and three stories high. " says Ronald Janssen Architecten on 16 houses. More

Architecture-Page | House Kersten by Ronald Janssen Architecten

House Kersten

Designed by Ronald Janssen Architecten, "House Kersten veils its functions. Normal elements that characterize a house like a porch, front door, living room window etc, are hidden deliberately. The detailing supports the concealing." More

Profile of Ronald Janssen Architecten

Business Name
Ronald Janssen Architecten

Ronald Janssen Architecten was established in 2000.

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