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Published: Sunday, December 09, 2007

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Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect

Profile of the American architecture firm Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect.

Architecture-Page | Wilkinson Residence by Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect

Wilkinson Residence

"The client desired a house that felt as if it were isolated in the forest and that would allow him to hear the songs of birds." says Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect on Wilkinson Residence. More

Architecture-Page | Fennell Residence by Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect

Fennell Residence

"Because the Fennel Residence is sited 'on' the river as opposed to 'by' the river, the relationship between the building and its site created interesting possibilities " says Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect on Fennell Residence. More

Profile of Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect

Business Name
Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect
United States

Architecture-Page | Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect, USA
Robert Harvey Oshatz


Robert Harvey Oshatz (born 1945)

  • Bachelor of Architecture from Arizona State University, 1968


I do not approach architecture from an academic or theorist outlook, but rather see each individual project as a new experience. This works best for me. I have no desire to paint a canvas the same way twice. Every work of architecture has an idea behind it. Every site and every client is uniquely individual and when one sees that the inspiration or source of an architectural idea is within the fusing of these two components; it follows that there is no shortage of ideas.

Rather than the vain search for an idea, I am always hopeful that tomorrow will bring a new project and new ideas to explore.

I enjoy new problems to solve. Whether they are complicated or simple problems makes no difference to me. I try to do the best that I am capable of in a particular movement in time. I do not try to be different for the sake of being different. If I am different, it is to make a difference.

An architect is an artist, creator, logician of evolving aesthetic structures; a designer of not only the visual, but also internal space. I see architecture as a synthesis of logic and emotion, exploring and fulfilling the dreams, fantasies and realities of my clients, to create buildings that are at peace with their environment while the occupants are at peace within.


  • Founded: 1971
  • Offices: 1
  • Design team: 1

Key projects

  • Fennel Residence, Portland, Oregon USA, 2001-2005, Single family house
  • Weiss Residence, West Linn, Oregon USA, 2002-2004 Single family house
  • Wilkinson Residence, Portland, Oregon USA, 1997-2004, Single family house
  • Miyasaka Residence, Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan, 1995-1998, Single family house
  • Gibson Boathouse/Studio, Lake Oswego, Oregon USA, 1993-1995, Artist studio
  • Residence for a Doctor and his family, Salem, Oregon USA,1989-1992 Single family house
  • Elk Rock Road Residence, Lake Oswego, Oregon USA, 1988-1989 Single family house
  • Mount Crested Butte Residence, Crested Butte, Colorado, USA 1985-1987
  • Stevens/Harnell Residence, Studio City, California USA, 1983-1986 Single family house
  • Killian Residence, Black Butte Ranch, Oregon USA 1975-1977 Single family house

Key publications

  • House of the Month (fennel residence), Architectural Record, January 2007
  • On the Water Front (fennel residence), Innovative Home, Fall 2007
  • To build a bridge (Miyasaka residence), Innovative Home, Spring 2007
  • Hydropave (fennel Residence), Plan the Art of Architecture, Oct 2007
  • Various Houses by Robert Oshatz, Hillside Houses, 2006
  • Elk Rock Road Residence/Gibson Boathouse, Waterfront Homes, 2004
  • Elk Rock Road Residence, Unique Houses of the Pacific North West, 2003
  • Gibson Boathouse/Studio, Tasarim, Feb 2002
  • Miyasaka Residence, Abstract Magazine, Dec 2002
  • Miyasaka Residence, Architectural Design, Jan-Feb 1999

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