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Published: Monday, February 18, 2008

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Philippe Samyn and Partners

Profile of the Belgian architecture firm Philippe Samyn and Partners.

Architecture-Page | Reconstruction of the Tower at College Saint-Amand by Philippe Samyn and Partners

Reconstruction of the Tower at College Saint-Amand

'As apartments high up are very desirable, the tower would get wider as it increases in height. Form would then really follow function. The building...' Says Philippe Samyn and Partners, on the reconstruction of the Tower at College Saint-Amand. More

Profile of Philippe Samyn and Partners

Business Name
Philippe Samyn and Partners

Samyn and Partners, founded in 1980, is a private company owned by its partners and staff and led by its design Partner Dr Ir Philippe Samyn. It is active with its affiliated companies (FTI, founded in 1985; DAE, founded in 1994; and AirSR, founded in 2003), in all fields of architecture and building engineering.

Philippe Samyn's architectural and engineering design approach is based on questioning which can be summarized as a "why" methodology. The firm approaches projects openly to all sorts of possibilities whilst listening, closely to its clients demands.

Its projects are often published in the international specialised press.

Professional Services

The firm's client services include Planning and Programming; Urban Planning, Landscaping and Architectural Design; Building Physics, MEP and Structural Engineering; Interior Design, Project and Construction Management, Cost and Planning Control, Quantity Surveying, Safety and Health Coordinator.

Academic Activities and R&D

Staff members are involved in architectural and professional organisations, as well as academic and R&D activities including teaching, research and development.

Build References

Among its projects as of 2006-30-09 the firm has built, and is currently building or studying over: 12.614 sqm of bridges and civil engineering structures; 63.589 sqm of stations; terminals; transport and parking; 93.018 sqm of industrial buildings; 152.767 sqm of public services facilities; 135.323 sqm of research centres and laboratories; 362.399 sqm of office spaces, new; 126.408 sqm of office spaces, refurbished; 79.110 sqm of office spaces, interior fit-out; 59.303 sqm of exhibition and commercial spaces; 55.362 sqm of energy renovation; 77.918 sqm of schools and universities; 45.209 sqm of auditorium and performance facilities; 27.130 sqm of museums and cultural buildings; 141.413 sqm of hospital buildings; health centre or veterinary buildings; 4.301 sqm of hotels; restaurants and guest houses; 153.464 sqm of apartment and housing units; 23.631 sqm of private houses; 64 bank branches.


The firm currently has a staff of 53 architects and engineers, 10 partners, plus a staff of 23 persons in its affiliated companies.


Principal and Design Partner: Philippe Samyn

Partners: Denis Melotte, Antonio Quinones, Bernard Vleurick, Ghislain Andre, Johan Van Rompaey, Jacques Ceyssens, Quentin Steyaert. Liesbeth Gestels, Benedetto Calcagno

Associate Partners: Thierry Henrard, Angela Maccianti

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