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Published: Thursday, December 06, 2007

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Profile of the Brazilian product design firm Nodesign, led by Leonardo Massarelli, Flavio Barao de Sarno and Marcio Giannelli.

Profile of Nodesign

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Architecture-Page | Nodesign, Brazil
[L-R] Leonardo Massarelli, Marcio Giannelli and Flavio Barao de Sarno.


Leonardo Massarelli (born 1979)

  • Product Designer by FAAP (Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado) - 2000

Flavio Barao de Sarno (born 1978)

  • Product Designer by Mackenzie - 2001

Marcio Giannelli (born 1977)

  • Product Designer by FAAP (Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado) - 2000


In the information era, each individual has his or her own "channel". Communication systems, which transmit ready-made information and do not interact with the user, are losing ground. Producers of consumer goods are seeking to cater to more specific niches of the market, avoiding generalizations.

In this new context, objects should keep up with the user's way of life, instead of determining an unique and static manner of being used. Multifunctional and interactive products, new forms of satisfying human needs, these are the factors that motivate our creations. We believe that more than fulfilling with perfection and rationality a specific function, an object must interact with the space that surrounds it. It should create a highly mobile environment, self-regulated, like an ecosystem.

Using engineering, marketing and managerial tools, Nodesign is able to control all the steps involved in project development. This control offers the client tranquility and precision throughout the whole process. The development process covers the conception of the product up until its launching stage, which includes the technical detailing of the components, the mock-up, prototype and 3D model development, supplier management, graphic development of manuals, folders, ads and packages and points of sale.


  • Founded: 2001
  • Offices: 1
  • Design team: 10

Key projects

  • Blob, Sao Paulo, BR, 2005-2006, Telecomunications
  • Maggion Pneus, Sao Paulo, BR, 2005-2005, Transport
  • Decameron, Sao Paulo, BR, 2005-2005, Furniture
  • Noah's Arc, Sao Paulo, BR, 2005-2005, Packing

Key publications

  • Nodesign, Fork - Phaidon, 2007
  • Nodesign, The Design Encyclopedia, July 2007
  • Tangram Side Chair, New Chairs, 2006
  • Celular Blob,16s ao 20s Premio Museu da Casa Brasileira, December 2006

Key awards

  • 2007, Red Dot Concept, Reddot Design Award, Singapore, Republic of Singapore
  • 2007, New Talents from the XXI century, Premio Mercado Design - Top XXI , Sao Paulo, BR
  • 2006, 1s place on the category Utilities, House & Gift Design Award, Sao Paulo, BR
  • 2006, Category Eletronics, 20s Premio Museu da Casa Brasileira, Sao Paulo, BR

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