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Published: Saturday, August 02, 2008

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Profile of the Italian architecture firm MODIStudio_Associati, led by Maurizio Mosca and Roberta Di Nucci.

Profile of MODIStudio_Associati

Business Name

Architecture-Page | MODIStudio_Associati, Italy
[L-R] Maurizio Mosca and Roberta Di Nucci


Maurizio Mosca (1968) and Roberta Di Nucci (1972)


We believe in beauty created in a practical, efficient and analytical design approach exploring the myriad connections between landscape, architectural, design.

The starting point of the work by the office is in thorough understanding of the way to improve the environment by means of the best design solution.

One of our particular concerns is analysing the different degrees of interaction between man and his environment, natural and urban landscape, the city and the single building, to achieve finally the creative interpretation through formal, technological, sensory research.

The idea suggested by the emotion is sharpened by a gradual iter of definition developing the different multidisciplinary aspects that confer it the pursued concrete image.

The two partners at MODIStudio have been involved in numerous built and unbuilt projects as project leaders, project architects and project team members in major Italian and foreign architecture offices.

MODIStudio has won several prizes and mentions in architecture competitions worldwide. The office co-operates with other disciplines to reach the best solution for every detail.

Our workforce is composed of a team of young and keen architects, and of several experts in different disciplines.

We have developed a scheme of work based on a young open team, according to a model promoting relationship with other architectural practices, aiming to the creation of a string of professionals in all the world


  • Founded: 2003
  • Offices: 1
  • Design team: 2

Key projects

  • 3 New schools in Rome - International restricted design competition for a school complex in Romanina neighbourhood, Rome, Italy, 2004
  • Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, International restricted design competition for a new museum in Warsaw, Poland, 2006
  • Rimesse in gioco - depositi di idee, International restricted design competition for the masterplan of the Pigneto area in Rome after the dismantling of the Atac tram depots, Rome, Italy, 2007
  • AMA Montagnola, International restricted design competition for the masterplan of the AMA area in Rome and the preliminary design of the office building of AMA spa, Rome, 2008

Key publications

  • Nuovo Municipio, Concorso Europeo di Progettazione per la Nuova Sede Comunale di Santa Marinella, Collana Concorsi, Prospettive Ed.2004
  • MIIIM, Concurso para un centro administartivo en Merida, Edicion Agencia Extremena de la Vivienda, Urbanismo, Territorio, Junta de Extremadura 2005
  • Attraversamenti Umbria 05, biennale diffusa di architettura contemporanea, Trevi Flash Art Museum, 2005

Key awards

  • Anima Prize for Architecture, Anima Association, Rome, Italy 2004
  • First Prize in the International competition for the renovation of the Rispoli Library in Palazzo Doria Pamphili, Rome, Italy, 2004
  • Second Prize in the Competition for the preliminary design of Housings for the Molise University, Campobasso, Italy, 2003

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