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Published: Thursday, December 06, 2007

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Miyahara Architect Office

Profile of the Japanese architecture firm Miyahara Architect Office, founded by Teruo Miyahara.

Architecture-Page | House TTN by Miyahara Architect Office

House TTN

"The first request for this project was to have a sort of collective residence to accommodate three homes, a plan which would completely separate the families within the same building." says Miyahara Architect Office on House TTN More

Architecture-Page | House TN by Miyahara Architect Office

House TN

"The road in front of the site is extremely busy with a regular flow of trucks and other vehicles, and there are no satisfactory pedestrian pavements." says Miyahara Architect Office on House TN. More

Architecture-Page | House_Uc by Miyahara Architect Office


"The client felt that a residence was a form of self-exposure to the outer world. In order to live up to his expectations, House_Uc was designed to imply the essence of the house within the urban context by bringing out the characteristics of the finishing material that was chosen together with the client." says Miyahara Architect Office on House_Uc. More

Profile of Miyahara Architect Office

Business Name
Miyahara Architect Office

Architecture-Page | Miyahara Architect Office, Japan
Teruo Miyahara


Teruo Miyahara (born 1966)

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Gunma University, 1990

Born in Tokyo in 1966, Teruo Miyahara studied concrete engineering at University. After graduation he joined Takenaka Corporation. At 1999, he established Miyahara Architect Office to pursue an original approach in achieving quality living. He is also teaching at the faculty of engineering of Gunma University from 2002 as a lecturer.

Prominent works include several residential projects, many of which have been awarded.


It is easy to become immersed in preconceived ideas called "common sense" and "experience." But these can at times hinder the creation of truly natural and comfortable spaces. It is therefore essential to keep an open mind. Pure design work is a process that involves identifying what is truly needed, and placing the necessary quantities in the necessary places. Architecture, whether it is a small house for a single family, is the accumulation of this fundamental work process, outweighing all elements of purpose, scale, method of construction, or structure. This is the very essence of my design.


  • Founded: 1993
  • Offices: 1
  • Design team: 3

Key projects

  • House TTN, Tokyo, Japan, 2003-2004, Housing
  • House TN, Kawasaki, Japan, 2005-2006, Housing
  • House HH, Nishitokyo, Japan, 2006-2007, Single family house
  • House K, Yokohama, Japan, 2000-2001, Single family house
  • House N, Kawasaki, Japan, 2000-2001, Single family house
  • House Uc, Tokyo, Japan, 2004-2005, Single family house
  • House Tj, Tokyo, Japan, 2003-2004, Single family house

Key publications

  • Modern Interior, House K and House N, Feb. 2007
  • ABSTRACT Magazine No.41, House TN, May 2007
  • Window Design, House TTN, Mar. 2007
  • Young Asian Architect, House TTN, Nov. 2006
  • JIA Architect of the Year 2006, House TTN, Jul. 2007
  • House Renovation Manual Encyclopedia, House K, Feb. 2004
  • Barrier-Free Design Guidebook 2004, House K, Dec. 2004

Key awards

  • 2007, Warm Living Space Design Competition 2006, Tokyo Gas Co., Tokyo, Japan
  • 2006, JIA Architect of the Year 2006, The Japan Institute of Architects, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2002, 19th Housing Renovation Contest 2002, Center for Housing Renovation and Dispute Settlement Support, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2002, First Renovation Design Contest, Tetsuado Publishing, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2002, Toyama Product Design Competition 2002, The Design Center of Toyama, Toyama Japan

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