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Published: Saturday, October 14, 2006

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Metropolis Consultora

Profile of Metropolis Consultora; Jose Orrego; Lima, Peru

Architecture-Page | Opera Bar by Metropolis Consultora

Opera Bar

Tied in with the adjacent disco is the Opera Bar located in the Larcomar Entertainment Center in Lima, Peru. The space was designed in order to create a cool atmosphere, serving as a transition space to the disco. More

Architecture-Page | Molina Plaza Commercial Center by Metropolis Consultora

Molina Plaza Commercial Center

Composed of a supermarket, eight theaters, a gym, a food court and several retail stores, Molina Plaza by Metropolis Consultora, has become a model for medium scale commercial centers in Lima, Peru More

Architecture-Page | Casa En Playa Blanca by Metropolis Consultora

Casa En Playa Blanca (A house looking at the ocean)

"When a beach house is designed, the first thing in mind is the view to the ocean. So we came up with a basic white box. This was then perforated with various shapes to allow for interesting ocean sights." says Jose Orrego of Metropolis Consultora. More

Architecture-Page | Bembos Asia by Metropolis Consultora

Bembos Asia

Located in the food court of SurPlaza Commercial Center at the Asia beach, in Lima, Peru, Bembos Asia is essentially the merging of two brands. Namely Bembos (a local chain of restaurants) and Coca-Cola. More

Architecture-Page | Tanatorio Chapel & Crematory Jardines De La Paz by Metropolis Consultora

Tanatorio Chapel & Crematory Jardines De La Paz

"The crematorium performs two different functions: one mystic; the other practical and real - Providing facilities to take care of the dead, from cremation to homage." says Jose Orrego of Metropolis, the designer of Tanatorio chapel and crematorium complex. More

Profile of Metropolis Consultora

Business Name
Metropolis Consultora

Company Information

  • Name of Company: Architect Jose Orrego, Metropolis Consultora
  • Year of establishment: 1987
  • Number of projects finished: More than 400 projects

Types of projects

  • Cemeteries and religious buildings
  • Corporate Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial image and design - retail stores, department stores, theaters, supermarkets and shopping centers
  • Beach houses
  • Renovations

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