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Published: Wednesday, January 24, 2007

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Karim Rashid Inc.

Born in Cairo and working out of New York, Karim Rashid is best known for bringing his democratic design sensibility to the masses.

Architecture-Page | Kloud Chair by Karim Rashid Inc

Kloud Chair

Designer Karim Rashid takes inspiration from the fluid and soft forms found in nature to arrive at the simple yet sensuous Kloud Chair. More

Architecture-Page | KONE Vacuum System by Karim Rashid Inc.

KONE Vacuum System

Described as 'a non-traditional solution to a traditional cleaning issue', the KONE appears more like a home accent than a regular appliance, providing for a storage solution that is both trendy and functional. More

Architecture-Page | Korzina by Karim Rashid Inc.


Designer Karim Rashid belts out another signature design that merges sinuous lines with contemporary materials to serve the most mundane of functions in the most enthusiastic manner. More

Profile of Karim Rashid Inc.

Business Name
Karim Rashid Inc.
United States
Product Design

Architecture-Page | Karim Rashid Inc., USA
Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is a leading figure in the fields of product and interior design, fashion, furniture, lighting and art.

Born in Cairo, half Egyptian/half English, and raised in Canada, Karim now practices in New York. He is best known for bringing his democratic design sensibility to a mass audience.

Working with an impressive array of clients from Umbra to Prada, Miyake to Method, Karim is radically changing the aesthetics of product design, and the very nature of the consumer culture in which we now live.

To date he has had some 2000 objects put into production. In addition Karim has successfully entered the realm of architecture and interiors realized in projects such as the Morimoto restaurant in Philadelphia and Semiramis hotel in Athens which recently won the Sleep05 European Hotel Design Award for Best Interior Design, Public Areas.

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