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Published: Thursday, December 27, 2007

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JagerJanssen architects BNA

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm JagerJanssen architects BNA, founded by Rogier Janssen and Alex Jager.

Architecture-Page | Firm but Fair by JagerJanssen architects BNA

Firm but Fair

'The intersection of a planned green strip and an existing avenue provide an architectural opportunity to this two-storey dwelling' Says JagerJanssen architects BNA, on the design of Firm but Fair. More

Architecture-Page | House HanenDick by JagerJanssen architects BNA

House HanenDick

Designed by JagerJanssen architects BNA, House HanenDick derives its new design from the original farmhouse's silhouette. More

Profile of JagerJanssen architects BNA

Business Name
JagerJanssen architects BNA

Architecture-Page | JagerJanssen architects BNA, Netherlands
[L-R] Alex Jager and Rogier Janssen


Alex Jager (1976), Rogier Janssen (1976)


JagerJanssen architects BNA [2003] was established by architects Alex Jager [1976] and Rogier Janssen [1976]. The architecture studio is housed underneath the monumental 'Hofbogen' in Rotterdam. The team consists of 3 inspired designers working on spatial design issues of various nature, such as private villas, feasibility studies and architectural visions.

Both form and organization of our projects are a logic outcome of an intensive and inspiring dialogue between architect and client. We do not necessarily work towards a predefined image. The main aspiration of JagerJanssen's architectural practice is SIMPLICITY. We strive for simplicity by constantly abstracting and searching for Logic, Consequence and Legibility in design. Hence, abstracted space is created, allowing for multiple interpretations by its observer. A meticulously designed space does not force itself onto its user, it mirrors emotion and stays dynamic trough time.


  • Founded: 2003
  • Offices: 1
  • Design team: 3

Key projects

  • House Jaap & Ineke, extension of private residence, Hem, The Netherlands, 2006
  • House Hanendick, private residence, Eelde, The Netherlands, 2007
  • House Baetens, private residence, Elst, The Netherlands, 2007
  • House Dijk, private residence, Blauwe Stad, The Netherlands, 2007

Key publications

  • ArchitectuurNL, Villa Janssen, September 2006
  • Architectenweb magazine, Villa Janssen, December 2006
  • Bouwwereld, Villa Jager, September 2007
  • De Architect, Villa Jager, September 2007
  • ArchitectuurNL, Villa Baetens, October 2007
  • Bouwwereld, Villa Dijk, December 2007
  • Mark magazine, Villa Jager, December 2007/January 2008
  • Construire in Laterizio, Villa Jager, January/Febrary 2008

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