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Published: Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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Griffin Enright Architects

Profile of the American architecture firm Griffin Enright Architects, founded by Margaret Griffin and John Enright.

Architecture-Page | [WIDE]BAND by Griffin Enright Architects


"The commission resulted from a competition sponsored by Interior Design magazine and NeoCon West to showcase an unusual mix of products by using unique approaches." says Griffin Enright Architects on [WIDE]BAND. More

Architecture-Page | Schindler's Paradox Box by Griffin Enright Architects

Schindler's Paradox Box

"The house no longer functions as it was originally intended, rather as a minor exhibition space/museum. Our investigation focused on finding an innovative solution that would allow the house to be kept - in tact - as an artifact, while simultaneously preserving the surrounding space as a public environment." says Griffin Enright Architects on Schindler's Paradox Box. More

Architecture-Page | KEEP OFF THE GRASS! Planar Landscape Phenomena by Griffin Enright Architects

KEEP OFF THE GRASS! Planar Landscape Phenomena

"The project was a temporary exhibit at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI_Arc) installed in the school's gallery for an eight week period between December 12, 2003 and February 6, 2004. The ubiquitous lawn was the subject of this heuristic exercise about our cultural relationship to that thin plane of suburban carpet." says Griffin Enright Architects on KEEP OFF THE GRASS! Planar Landscape Phenomena. More

Profile of Griffin Enright Architects

Business Name
Griffin Enright Architects
United States

Firm Biography

Margaret Griffin, A.I.A. and John Enright, A.I.A. established their Los Angeles-based studio, Griffin Enright Architects, in 2000. Their collaboration is a fusion of collective interests in experimentation, innovation and a desire to explore cultural complexities relative to the built environment. Their versatility is evident in the scope of their projects that range from furniture design and gallery installations to large-scale commercial and residential commissions. In addition to guiding an emergent practice, Margaret and John are also educators, maintaining a strong presence in both the academic and professional worlds. They are the recipients of numerous prestigious awards for design excellence and have been featured in local, national and international publications.

Design Philosophy

Our firm was founded on the belief that collaboration yields the most innovative, creative, forward-thinking design.

Although we work on projects of varying scales, budgets and programs, our comprehensive approach to design remains constant: it depends on a simultaneous blurring and exploitation of distinctions between inside/outside, built form/landscape, site/urban context and theory/practice.

Innovation and experimentation guide our initial assessment of program, informing not only our design concept, but also our choice of materials, methods and feasibility of construction, integration of landscape and environmental issues. Whenever possible, we try to underscore connections with the surrounding landscape either by reinforcing an existing condition or creating a new one that allows the architecture and landscape to be experienced in unique ways.

Installations and theoretical projects provide us with opportunities to explore ideas without the constraints typically inherent in architect-client relationships. For example, our exhibition, "Keep Off the Grass!: Planar Landscape Phenomena", for SCI-Arc presented a critique on the use of water in Los Angeles (a veritable desert) and the negative impact that use has on our environment. The installation incorporated several layers of meaning; it encouraged the thoughtful participation of the viewer and served a didactic function.

In all our work, the pursuit of infinite potentials is far more intriguing to us than the discovery of a single, fixed resolution.

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