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Published: Monday, October 09, 2006

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Fenestra Ateliers

Fenestra Ateliers bvba is a partnership consisting of Jan-Willem van Zijst, Angela van der Burght and Sunny van Zijst. Working on their own collection (glass design), they also execute commissions and carry out work for visual artists.

Architecture-Page | Stone by Fenestra Ateliers


Specializing in designing glass furniture, finishes and other objects, Fenestra Ateliers discusses their latest project 'Stone' More

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Fenestra Ateliers
Product Design

Architecture-Page | Fenestra Ateliers bvba, Belgium
[L-R] Jan-Willem van Zijst, Angela van der Burght, Sunny van Zijst

In 1985 Angela van der Burght took over the studio of her father, the glass artist Andre van der Burght.  In 1994, having completed her training at the Academie voor Beeldende Kunst in Tilburg, Sunny van Zijst joined Fenestra Ateliers. Her special interest in theatrical design provides the driving force behind her work in developing dramatic design in glass.  As well as contributing to the collective work of the studio, she has also worked on her own glass collection.  Death and reliquaries form the subject and theme of her work, so that, in the protection which it gives to its contents, the "casket" becomes the object which gives autonomous meaning to the whole.

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