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Published: Monday, December 17, 2007

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Egide Meertens Architect BVBA

Profile of the Belgian architecture firm Egide Meertens Architect BVBA.

Architecture-Page | 3 Apartments by Egide Meertens Architect BVBA

3 apartments

'To arrive at a simple overall concept, the project is conceived according to the following principles: a clear building structure, a logical organisation of the various housing units with a corresponding lay-out, a constant search for a good living quality and the integration in the road image and the environment.' Says Egide Meertens Architect BVBA, on the design of 3 apartments. More

Architecture-Page | Nicolai by Egide Meertens Architect BVBA


'The fact that the dwelling had to be integrated on a corner plot of land put a very specific stamp on its design. The organisation of the life inside focused on...' Says Egide Meertens Architect BVBA, on the design of Nicolai. More

Architecture-Page | Leunessen by Egide Meertens Architect BVBA


'The front of the house on the corner plot gives this house an introvert nature; because it is kept closed intentionally. A strip window is only provided for...' Says Egide Meertens Architect BVBA, on the design of Leunessen. More

Architecture-Page | 't Leeshoekje by Egide Meertens Architect BVBA

't Leeshoekje

'This project concerns the renovation of a commercial building. It is located next to an earlier realisation that was situated a bit retracted so that it would not compete with the older building.' Says Egide Meertens Architect BVBA, on the design of 't Leeshoekje. More

Architecture-Page | Baptist by Egide Meertens Architect BVBA


'The reason for the conversion works lies mainly in the fact that, in the existing house, there is no direct contact from the indoor living space with the garden. The complete ground floor is currently taken up...' Says Egide Meertens Architect BVBA, on the design of Baptist. More

Architecture-Page | Living and work area, Egide Meertens by Egide Meertens Architect BVBA

Living and work area, Egide Meertens

Designed by Egide Meertens Architect BVBA, Living and work area for the new offices of Egide Meertens use contrasting design elements to achieve a design that embodies restraint and composure. More

Architecture-Page | Darding by Egide Meertens Architect BVBA


"The living volume was rendered in white stucco, because white stucco has the power to absorb the unrest of the environment and it gives the building a light and abstract presence." says the architecture firm Egide Meertens, Architect BVBA, designers of Darding. More

Architecture-Page | Allers by Egide Meertens Architect BVBA


Designed by Egide Meertens Architect BVBA, Allers is a single-family house that uses subtle blending of entrance spaces, walls, and other building elements to create a discrete habitat for the house owners. More

Profile of Egide Meertens Architect BVBA

Business Name
Egide Meertens Architect BVBA


Egide Meertens

  • 1965 - Born In Tongeren
  • 1991 - Graduation As An Architect At Phai, Diepenbeek, Belgium
  • 1991 - Employee Psk, Sint-Truiden, Belgium
  • 1992 - Serves In The Army
  • 1993-96 - Employee Psk, Sint-Truiden, Belgium
  • 1996 - Founded Architectural Firm Egide Meertens
  • 2005 - Building New Firm


Architectural firm Egide Meertens is a young firm that is located in the town Riemst, Belgium, near Maastricht, The Netherlands. The firm consists of 6 young architects

The projects that we realize are based on a simple, well-considered concept that is a combination of the customer's wishes and the surroundings. While designing we're consciously looking for sober, simple spaces with a high experience value: a design that is easy to fill in and agreeable to live in.

We prefer to use fair forms and lasting materials that because of there individuality give warmth and patine to the project. The result is a reliable simple architecture that meets the needs of the inhabitants and their surroundings.

We choose quality before fashionable ideas and redundant luxury.

As a young team of architects we have, until now, mainly designed houses. Amongst our realised projects, you can find single - family dwellings in Belgium and the Netherlands, as well social housing projects, apartments and allocation.

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