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Published: Friday, August 01, 2008

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Duarte Aznar Arquitectos S.C.P.

Profile of the Mexican architecture firm Duarte Aznar Arquitectos S.C.P., founded by Enrique Duarte Aznar.

Profile of Duarte Aznar Arquitectos S.C.P.

Business Name
Duarte Aznar Arquitectos S.C.P.


Enrique Duarte Aznar (1957)


In our workshop, we focus on the Human Being, with aspirations and needs, feelings and justifications, dreams and will to be happy. It's not enough to build spaces, we must create atmospheres where the users could have the possibility to satisfy their physical and spiritual demands.

We focus on the Site where will be built our projects, because the relation between humans and Nature is made of respect and harmony. We talk about Domestication instead of Domination or Depredation.

We focus on the Time, because Architecture must belong to Present and project itself to Future, never be blocked into the Past denying its own time.

Our Responsibility is to read and interpret these parameters in order to propose a personal response for each case.


  • Founded: 1986
  • Offices: 1
  • Design team: 5

Key projects

  • Regional High Speciality Hospital, Hospital, Merida, Mexico, 2006
  • Santa Ana Market, Trade Facility, Merida, Mexico, 2003
  • Olympic Facilities "Inalambrica", Sports Facility Merida, Mexico, 2000
  • Walmart Exterior Design, Trade Facility Merida, Mexico, 2001
  • Playa Norte Buildings, Educational, Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico, 2004
  • The Wedge beach house, House Chicxulub, Mexico, 2004
  • Campeche State Center of Oncology, Hospital, Campeche, Mexico, 2005
  • Paris Justice Courthouse Competition, Adminstration, Paris, France, 2005
  • T2 International Airport Competition, Comunication Facility, Mexico, Mexico, 2004
  • Senate of the Mexican Republic Competition, Administration, Mexico, Mexico, 2003

Key publications

  • Enlace Review, Regional High Specialty Hospital, February, 2008
  • ATK Review, Olympic Facilities "Inalambrica", June-July 2007
  • Enlace Review, Playa Norte Buildings, 2004
  • Newspaper El Palentino, Palencia, Spain, April 2006, 12th
  • Clubes & Gimnasios Review, Shotokan Karate Academy, December 2005, January 2006
  • Enlace Review "Markets", February 2004
  • Repertory ATK, The Wedge beach house, 2006
  • Arquitectura Mexicana COMEX, Tizimin's Versatile Gymnasium, 2003
  • CMT Review, Walmart Exterior Design, July 2003
  • Arquitectura Mexicana de Fin de Siglo, Olympic Facilities "Inalambrica", 1999

Key awards

  • Introduction to the Best Work Prize, 4th Biennial of Iberoamerican Architecture, Lima, Peru, 2004
  • Mention of Honor, 14th Biennial of Panamerican Architecture, Quito, Equator, 2004
  • 2nd Mies van der Rohe Prize candidate for Latin America, Barcelona, Spain, 2000
  • Mention of Honor, 8th Biennial of Architecture, Acapulco, Mexico, 2004
  • CEMEX Architectural Work Prize, Mexico, 2001
  • Great Prize, 4th Biennial of Yucatecan Architecture, 2001
  • Great Prize, 5th Biennial of Yucatecan Architecture, 2003
  • Mention of Honor, 1st Biennial of Mexican Archiecture, Mexico, 1990
  • Great Prize, 6th Biennial of Yucatecan Architecture, Merida, Mexico, 2006
  • 1st place category Education, 6th Biennial of Yucatecan Architecture, Merida, Mexico, 2006

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