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Published: Saturday, December 06, 2008

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Drozdov&Partners. Ltd

Profile of the Ukrainian architecture firm Drozdov&Partners. Ltd

Architecture-Page | Lagoda multifunctional complex by Drozdov&Partners. Ltd

Lagoda multifunctional complex

"The client meant it to be a multifunctional complex and stipulated all the functions required. As the project pilot: a typology of a business park, the complex should cater to a whole range of services and facilities a person needs during the day.", says Drozdov&Partners. Ltd on Lagoda multifunctional complex. More

Architecture-Page | Yaske Sushi-bar by Drozdov&Partners. Ltd

Yaske Sushi-bar

"The project celebrates the old modernist idea of the total penetration of internal space into the exterior." says Drozdov&Partners. Ltd on Yaske Sushi-bar More

Profile of Drozdov&Partners. Ltd

Business Name
Drozdov&Partners. Ltd

Architecture-Page | Drozdov&Partners. Ltd, Ukraine
Oleg Drozdov


Oleg Drozdov (1966) and Vyacheslav Zhemir (1970)


Architecture should become the locomotive of lifestyle evolution. To this end it should comprehend and interpret maximum factors that form it. For us, the essence of design is to focus on processes, stimulate and develop them. We believe that only a combination of the emotional and the rational can ensure a reliable contact with society. A search for meanings and goals is the principle task with changing inputs.

Living in the atmosphere, where civil society does not exist, and privatization involves almost all spaces, architect can become one of the last strongholds for protecting public space. Our every project presents an attempt to create an introverted space, where in the long run its public function will give an impetus for sustainable development of business and society in general.


  • Founded: 1996
  • Offices: 1
  • Design team: 26

Key projects

  • "Lagoda" Business Centre, Kiev, Ukraine, 2008
  • Shopping and residential complex "Island" in Sidora Kovpaka Str., Kharkov, Ukraine, 2008
  • Car-supermarket+Office on Glushkova avenue, Kiev, Ukraine, 2008
  • Residential complex in Zhitnaya Str., Kharkov, Ukraine, 2008
  • Recreational complex with a yacht-club, Odessa, Ukraine, 2008
  • Yaske Sushi-bar, Kharkov, Ukraine, realised in 2004
  • Ave Plaza office building, Kharkov, Ukraine, 2004, now under construction
  • Platinum office building, Kharkov, Ukraine, 2004, now under construction

Key publications

  • "Tampopo" restaurant, The Best Interiors of Ukraine #3, 2005
  • "Namisto - Sea Necklace of Odessa", urban research, "The Flood" Catalogue (2nd international architecture biennale in Rotterdam), 2005
  • "Sushi-bar, Kharkov", A10 #9, 2006
  • "Architectural Ambulancer", A10 #18, 2007
  • "Monisto - the Sea Necklace of Odessa", urban research, Project Russia #47, 2008
  • "Oleg Drozdov", Architectura #5(164), 2008 (Poland)
  • "Eye to Eye", Amici Mi restaurant in Kiev, Attitude #21, 2008 (Portugal)
  • "Neo-Cubisme a la Carte", Amici Mi restaurant in Kiev, Artravel #23, 2008 (France)

Key awards

  • First Prize at Ukrainian National Interior Design Contest, "Inter'Year 2001", Kiev
  • First Prize at Ukrainian National Interior Design Contest, "Inter'Year 2003", Kiev

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