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Published: Monday, July 21, 2008

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Profile of the Italian architecture firm DEAMICIS ARCHITETTI ASSOCIATI, led by Giacomo De Amicis, Piero De Amicis and Bruna Rivolta.


Business Name


Giacomo De Amicis (1968), Piero De Amicis (1929) and Bruna Rivolta (1972)


DEAMICIS ARCHITETTI was created in 2005 as a professional association between three architects, Giacomo De Amicis, Piero De Amicis and Bruna Rivolta, in order to create synergies between each individual's skills and competences.

They are active in every field of architectural planning, paying particular attention to the building's spatial values and investigating the relationship between their development and both their physical and non physical contexts.

DEAMICIS continuously reformulate their approach to work and planning in relation to programs, pre-existing features and environmental quality, thus maintaining their experimental and research-oriented planning approach. Many of their projects have won recognition and awards, with several books and magazines publishing their works.

They can also provide General Planner services through their specially constituted partner company MASASO s.r.l. Moreover they have developed a strong network of selected, high-profile, specialist planning companies to provide a variety of expert services to their clients (structures, systems and facilities, energetic behaviour, illuminating engineering, feasibility studies, security, fire-prevention, gardens, graphic design).


  • Founded: 2005
  • Offices: 1
  • Design team: 5

Key projects

  • Value Partners Head Quarter, Office Building, Milan, Italy, 2006
  • Square " Incontro tra i popoli", Urban Square, Settimo Milanese (MI), Italy, 2003
  • Farmstead "Bias", Farmstead Renovation, Uggiate Trevano (CO), Italy, 2000
  • Nursery Scholl, Casarile (MI), Italy, 1996
  • Zama Salomone, Residential Building, Milano, Italy, 2002
  • Taormina, Residential Building, Milano, Italy, 2002
  • De Amicis Atelier, Atelier, Milano, Italy, 2005
  • Petrarca, Private Attic, Milan, Italy, 2008
  • Cycling Park, Urban Planning, Settimo Milanese (MI), Italy, 2007

Key publications

  • Recuperare l'edilizia n.55, Una cascina recuperata nel comasco, April, 2008
  • Vertical Gardens, Edificio per uffici Milano, November, 2007
  • Sostenibilitr Costruita, Nuova sede Value Patners, October, 2007
  • L'Architettura Naturale n.35, Edificio per uffici Milano, June, 2007
  • Il Mondo, Qui si lavora nel futuro, May, 2007
  • L'Architettura Naturale n.34, Piazza a Settimo Milanese, Mars 2007
  • Rodeo Magazine n.35, L'edificio che respira, Mars, 2007
  • Progettare, architettura cittr e territorio n.29, Elementi nel paesaggio, October 2006
  • Corriere della Sera, Finalmente un palazzo "pensato bene", 9 July 2006

Key awards

  • Sustainab.Italy, Italian Cultural Institute, London, UK, 2008
  • Rizoma 2008, presS/Tletter, Pontedera (PI), Italy, 2008
  • Gold Medals of Italian Architecture, Triennale Milan, Milan, Italy, 2006 (selected project)
  • European Architecture Awards Luigi Cosenza, Napoli, Italy, 2004 (silver plaque)

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