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Published: Tuesday, December 04, 2007

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Bernard Khoury/DW5

Profile of the Lebanese architecture firm Bernard Khoury/DW5.

Architecture-Page | Yabani by Bernard Khoury/DW5


"The Yabani project was built to house a Japanese restaurant and bar on a 285 s.q.m site located at the edge of the Damascus road on the former demarcation line that separated East and West Beirut. The traces of shelling of the recent wars are highly visible on many of the adjacent buildings that are still squatted by refugees." says Bernard Khoury/DW5 on Yabani. More

Architecture-Page | IB3 Building by Bernard Khoury/DW5

IB3 Building

"Our design mission was developed around the shell and core principle which consists of designing the structure of the edifice, its facades and the common areas, leaving all the inhabitable surfaces to be partitioned and finished by the architects of the future owners of each residence." says Bernard Khoury/DW5 on IB3 Building. More

Architecture-Page | Centrale by Bernard Khoury/DW5


"The Centrale project is housed in a recuperated ruin of a 1920's residential structure that is placed under historical protection." says Bernard Khoury/DW5 on Centrale. More

Architecture-Page | B018 by Bernard Khoury/DW5


"In the early months of 1998, the B018 moved to the 'Quarantaine', on a site that was better known for its macabre aura. The 'Quarantaine' is located at the proximity of the port of Beirut.." says Bernard Khoury/DW5 on B018. More

Architecture-Page | BLC Bank by Bernard Khoury/DW5

BLC Bank

"The BLC Bank mission consists of a complete architectural identity package including design and decoration work." says Bernard Khoury/DW5 on BLC Bank. More

Architecture-Page | Black Box by Bernard Khoury/DW5

Black Box

"The black box is located next to a major department store on the northbound highway of Greater Beirut." says Bernard Khoury/DW5 on Black Box. More

Profile of Bernard Khoury/DW5

Business Name
Bernard Khoury/DW5


Bernard Khoury (born 1968)

  • Bachelors In Fine Arts 1990 R.I.S.D
  • Bachelors In Architecture 1991 R.I.S.D
  • Masters In Architectural Studies 1993 - Harvard

Bernard Khoury studied architecture at the Rhode Island school of Design (B.F.A 1990 / B.Arch 1991). He received a Masters in Architectural studies from Harvard University (M.Arch 1993). In 2001, he was awarded by the municipality of Rome the honorable mention of the Borromini prize given to architects under 40 years of age. In 2004, he was awarded the Architecture + Award. He has lectured and exhibited his work in prestigious academic institutions in Europe and the U.S including a solo show of his work given by the International Forum for Contemporary Architecture at the Aedes gallery in Berlin (2003). His work has been extensively published by the professional press. Khoury started an independent practice in 1993. Over the past 10 years, his office has developed an international reputation and a significant diverse portfolio of projects both locally and abroad.


DW5 is a Design production facility for developers, architects, planners and designers providing the necessary resources to support the successful development of design projects. The workshop is an open platform for a growing number of collaborators.

The company is based in Beirut, Lebanon and has developed an international reputation among professionals by successfully assisting designers and architects on various high profile missions locally and abroad.

DW5 is located in a 700 square meters industrial loft in the Quarantaine sector, Beirut, Lebanon. The Studio is essentially one large open space free of subdivisions equally shared by all architects.

Our teams engage in assisting the production of various scale projects, from early planning phase to construction supervision. A wide range of supporting skills underpins the work of the practice, including model making, CAD drawing and visualization, and in-house audio-visual, photographic and printing systems.

The main drive of the practice is design excellence and precision, achieved through close collaboration with clients, designers and specialists - from structural and environmental engineers to cost consultants. Management of cost and time is an important priority to us which has resulted in delivering award winning projects challenged by demanding budget and schedules.


  • Founded: 1993
  • Offices: 1
  • Design team: 12

Key projects

  • BO18 , Beirut, Lebanon, 1998, Music Club
  • Centrale, Beirut Lebanon, 2001, Restaurant
  • Yabani, Beirut Lebanon, 2002, Restaurant
  • BLC Bank, Chtaura Lebanon, 2004, Commercial
  • Black Box, Beirut Lebanon, 2005, Restaurant
  • IB3 Building, Beirut Lebanon, 2006, Residential
  • Evolving Scars, 1991, Experimental
  • BCD-05, Beirut Lebanon, 2004, Entertainment
  • Andalous, Kuwait, 2006 Commercial
  • Santa Cesarea, Italy, 2007, Vacation Village

Key publications

  • Beirut's Rebel Architect, New York Times, 21 May 2006
  • The Discreet Charm Of Bernard Khoury, Metropolis, July August 2007
  • Returning To Beirut, An Architect Has Designs On Its Future, Wall Street Journal, June 2004
  • A Volatile Fabric, Damn13, Sept. Oct. 2007
  • Waking Reality, Art Forum International, October 2006
  • Julla Architettura Urbana E Degli Interni, Abitare, April 2004
  • Bernard Khoury Fighting Amnesia In Post War Beirut, Graphis 351, May June 2004
  • Heavy Metal, Architecture, February 2000
  • Quasi Un Altro Mondo BO18 Beirut, Arca, October 1999
  • Dispatch From Beirut A Project By Bernard Khoury, Architecture New York (Any) May 1999

Key awards

  • 2007, CNBC Award
  • 2004, Architecture+ Award
  • 2001, Borromini Award - Under 40, Italy

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