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Published: Saturday, March 08, 2008

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Arris Architects

Profile of the Indian architecture firm Arris Architects, led by Subhashish Modi and Satish Shetty.

Architecture-Page | FUN Gaming by Arris Architects

FUN Gaming

"The premises being a part of a family entertainment centre, was required specifically to draw footfalls of a particular age group." says Arris Architects on FUN Gaming. More

Profile of Arris Architects

Business Name
Arris Architects

Architecture-Page | Arris Architects, India
[L-R] Subhashish Modi and Satish Shetty


Subhashish Modi (1975)

  • B Arch, Sir. JJ College of Architecture, 1997

Satish Shetty (1977)

  • B Arch, Sir. JJ College of Architecture, 2000


Our approach to design is a systematic analysis of the client's requirements and logically interpreting these into buildings which are contextual to its surrounding and innovative in its space arrangement.

Aspect of energy efficiency forms an integral part of the design process and is reflected in the company's commitment to incorporate advanced simulation tools to predict the performance of the proposal at the conceptual design stages.

This approach to design is continuously supported through research and consultation with experts from various fields.


  • Founded: 2004
  • Offices: 1
  • Design team: 8

Key projects

  • Fun Gaming, Mumbai, India, 2005
  • Fun Republic, Family Entertainment Centre, Lucknow, India, Feb 2007
  • Fun Cinemas, Jaipur, India, Aug 2007
  • All Sports Bar, Mumbai, India, 2007
  • Residence, Mumbai, India Aug 2007
  • Jewel world, Mumbai, India, Ongoing
  • Oceanic Mall, Vadodhara, India, Ongoing
  • Angel High School, Hazaribaug, India, Ongoing
  • Fun Republic, Family Entertainment Centre, Udaipur, India, Ongoing

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