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Published: Saturday, February 09, 2008

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Agence Christophe Pillet

Profile of the French design firm Agence Christophe Pillet.

Architecture-Page | Boutique Catherine Malandrino by Studio Christophe Pillet

Boutique Catherine Malandrino

Designed by Studio Christophe Pillet, Boutique Catherine Malandrino is an innovative showcase that will present Malandrino's collections ‘as it would be', discovered along a French promenade fusing urban space with natural elements. More

Architecture-Page | Boutique JC Jitrois by Studio Christophe Pillet

Boutique JC Jitrois

Designed by Studio Christophe Pillet, Boutique JC Jitrois' volume stems from the fusion between dark glamour and neo-baroque. More

Architecture-Page | Hotel Sezz by Studio Christophe Pillet

Hotel Sezz

Designed by Studio Christophe Pillet, Hotel Sezz is an informal space - yes, but muscularly informal, if there is such a thing. There are strong bones underneath the loose garments of this hotel. More

Architecture-Page | Boutique Rodolphe Menudier by Studio Christophe Pillet

Boutique Rodolphe Menudier

Designed by Studio Christophe Pillet, Boutique Rodolphe Menudier was inspired by rock music, James Bond movies and Las Vegas hotels. More

Profile of Agence Christophe Pillet

Business Name
Agence Christophe Pillet


Christophe Pillet (1959)

  • "Arts Decoratifs", Nice, France, 1985
  • "Master of Domus Academy", Milan, Italy, 1986


Christophe Pillet articulately analyses the ethics of his generous domain, aiming at "making life a little prettier".

The fluidity of lines, the composition with light upon slick layout, white or colourful, as well as the absence of any excess elements... His style, elegant and sober, goes straight to the essential while never being stern. For Christophe, design must be in tune with "the drive to direct people's behaviours while respecting their desires".


  • Offices: 1
  • Design team: 12

Key projects

  • Boutique Shu Uemura, Paris, France, 2007, cosmetics boutique
  • Hotel Sezz, Paris, France, 2005, hotel
  • Saint Raphael, France, family house
  • Boutique Catherine Malandrino, NYC, USA, 2001, pret-a-porter boutique
  • Alifax, Paris, France, 2006, Sony Showroom
  • Boutique Rodolphe Menudier, Paris, France, 2000, shoe boutique
  • Boutique JC Jitrois, Paris, France, 2002, pret-a-porter boutique

Key publications

  • Design, "The International Design Yearbook 2007", Oct 2007; Laurence King Publishing
  • Design, "Ultimate Paris Design", Sept 2007; teNeueus Publishing
  • Architecture and Design, "Paris Architecture and Design", Sept 2007; Daab Publishing
  • Interior architecture, "French Hotel Design", Sept 2007
  • Biography, "Christophe Pillet", Dec 2006; Editions Pyramid
  • Biography, "Christophe Pillet", Dec 2005; Bernard Chauveau Editeur / Couleurs Contemporaines

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