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Frequently Asked Questions about getting your projects published on Architecture-Page.

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Selecting projects

What projects should I send for publication?

We believe that you being the architect/designer are the best judge of your work. And as such, we leave the choice completely up to you.

From time to time, we may request certain specific project types. In this case, it is preferable to send those in.

I have a very large portfolio of work and am finding it difficult to choose which projects to send. What should I do?

We suggest you go through our archive and get a sense of the kind of work published on Architecture-Page. This should help you decide.


If you have any eco-friendly (green) projects, landscape projects, house designs or urban design projects; send those in. Our users love them, and as such, you cannot go wrong.

How many projects can I send?

There is no upper limit.

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Preparing data

I have selected the projects to send. How should I prepare the data before sending it?

  • All the information regarding the project should be filled into our format, available at:
  • Images should be attached separately. Please DO NOT insert images in the Word document.
  • If you are sending multiple projects, each project should have a separately filled format.
  • For faster processing, you may begin the email's subject line with [Project for Publication]
  • The Format should be filled in English.

I have downloaded the format. How should I fill it?

The format contains detailed instructions. We have also created a sample-completed format for your reference, available for download here:

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At what size, resolution and in what format should I send the images?

Images should be a minimum of 800 pixels wide, at 72 dpi resolution.

Images should be in JPG/JPEG/TIFF format. File-size per image may not exceed 1 Mb.

How many images per project should I send?

2 is too less; 20 is too many. Anywhere in between is fine.

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Sending data

I have all the data prepared and ready to be sent. How should I send it?

You can send it across via email, to

I have compiled all the data. It's too big to send via email. How should I send it?

You can put all the data on CD/DVDs and send those to us.

There is no address mentioned on the website. Where should I send the material?

You can request for our address.

May I send the data via a file-sharing service, public ftp etc.?


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Being published

Will all the projects I send across be published?

Mostly yes. We prioritize publishing projects that have complete, accurate and up-to-date information.

How long will my project stay up on Architecture-Page?


How will I be notified when my work is published?

We will send you an email after your work has been published. This gives us the chance to send you permanent links to your profile and projects. We recommend that you join our mailing list to stay updated.

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Payment and royalties

Do I need to pay to be published on Architecture-Page?


Am I paid to send in work for publication?


I have the images for the project. But the publishing rights are with the photographer. Can you pay for the image royalty?

Sorry, but the answer is no.

Neither do we charge the designer to get their work published, nor the reader to access the work that is published. And as such, we expect you to have the relevant publishing rights. Also, we expect that the photographs that you send in; (if required) be paid for a lifetime royalty by you, since your work is going to remain on Architecture-Page forever

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