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June, 2009

Dot Envelope (Saturday, June 27, 2009)
"The existing site is listed as industrial historical area with buildings of an old butchery complex, which included the water-tower and old butcher hall.", says Ofis arhitekti on Dot Envelope.

Ochsner House (Thursday, June 25, 2009)
"The clients, a Swiss husband, his Japanese wife and their three children, had been living in an apartment at the building right next to the current site, for the last 10 years.", says George Dasic Architects on Ochsner House.

Pamela Robbins (Tuesday, June 23, 2009)
"The tilted line is the long glass wall that cut the storage area behind it. The square is a mirror box for the fitting rooms. Massive wood volumes complete the display elements. ”says Andrea Tognon Architecture on Pamela Robbins.

Van der Laat & Jimenez Office Building (Monday, June 22, 2009)
"The new building revolves around a central 'plaza' naturally lit by a large clerestory with a quarter vault and an elliptical central staircase.", says FoRo Arquitectos (Fournier-Rojas Arquitectos) on Van der Laat & Jiménez Office Building.

Urban renewal ex consorzio, residential and office (Saturday, June 20, 2009)
Urban renewal ex consorzio, residential and office, Osimo(an)-center Italy by Fimaengineering / Filiberto Andreoli, Maurizio Andreoli.

Zagreb Office Building (Thursday, June 18, 2009)
"Three boxes -- one of glass, one of wood and one of steel -- float over the hill reaching out into the nature-reserve landscape beyond. The boxes are joined by a concrete element that by means of roof, wall and floor embraces architecture and irradiates nature.", says Anonimous-LED on Zagreb Office Building.

Salon O (Wednesday, June 17, 2009)
Salon O, Oita-city, Oita, Japan by Takao Shiotsuka Atelier

Villa sao Tome (Tuesday, June 16, 2009)
Villa sao Tome, Sao Tome, Africa, 2005 by Fimaengineering / Filiberto Andreoli, Maurizio Andreoli.

Somers Courtyard House (Monday, June 15, 2009)
"In this new house the client’s brief was for a low maintenance home to accommodate an expanding family with regular guests. They wanted a playful home that would allow them to customise and grow into it over time.", says Rowan Opat Architects on Somers Courtyard House.

Rowan Opat Architects (Monday, June 15, 2009)
Profile of the Australian architecture firm Rowan Opat Architects.

Momiji House (Saturday, June 13, 2009)
"The wife practices ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) while the husband paints. The husband also wanted to run his business from an office in the house.” says George Dasic Architects on Momiji House.

Hotel ps (Thursday, June 11, 2009)
Hotel ps, Porto. sant'elpidio (MC), Italy by FIMA Engineering / Filiberto Andreoli, Maurizio Andreoli.

House #17 (Wednesday, June 10, 2009)
"The client wanted a holiday house where he could spend his weekend with his family, his wife and the two sons.", says Piero Ceratti Architects on House #17.

Piero Ceratti Architects (Wednesday, June 10, 2009)
Profile of the Italian architecture firm Piero Ceratti Architects.

New energy office (Tuesday, June 09, 2009)
New energy office, Milan, Italy by FIMA Engineering

Casa Moro (Monday, June 08, 2009)
"The house is made of concrete. The ceiling and the floor are covered by wood. The corridor walls are covered by slate slabs. The dining room and the living room are separated by a onyx slab suspended by metal posts.", says Anonimous-LED on Casa Moro.

Garden and Sea (Saturday, June 06, 2009)
Garden and Sea, Japan by Takao Shiotsuka Atelier

AIG Building (Thursday, June 04, 2009)
"The building needed to house over 2000 people with various office and relaxation facilities of which some operate round the clock." says George Dasic Architects on AIG Building.

10 houses (Wednesday, June 03, 2009)
10 houses, Oita, Japan by Takao Shiotsuka Atelier

Commercial center (Tuesday, June 02, 2009)
Commercial center, Ancona, Italy by Fimaengineering / Filiberto Andreoli, Maurizio Andreoli, Italy.

Anacom Membranas Warehouse (Monday, June 01, 2009)
"The concept of the project is based on movement and fluency.", says Anonimous-LED on Anacom Membranas Warehouse.

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