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February, 2009

Casa FoRo (Saturday, February 28, 2009)
"The central idea behind this design is to work on the development of architecture of 'here and now' and to oppose foreign architectural influences." says FoRo Arquitectos (Fournier-Rojas Arquitectos) on Casa FoRo.

Casa Y (Thursday, February 26, 2009)
"The client is a just married couple." says Anonimous-LED on Casa Y.

Anonimous-LED (Thursday, February 26, 2009)
Profile of the Mexican architecture firm Anonimous-LED, led by Alfonso Jimenez, Marco Velazquez, Jorge Plascencia.

Hotel klass, hotel discotheque and conference (Wednesday, February 25, 2009)
"The project was born as a requalification of an old disco and restaurant." says FIMA Engineering on Hotel klass, hotel discotheque and conference

Turner + Associates Architects (Wednesday, February 25, 2009)
Profile of the Australian architecture firm Turner + Associates Architects, led by Nicholas Turner, Kevin Driver, Karl May and Dominic Bennett.

The White Kite (Tuesday, February 24, 2009)
"The canopy belongs to a private courtyard next to the central square of the town, and replaces an old structure; the public function of the place, and the client's will to renew were important inputs for the project." says Alessandro Calvi Rollino Architetto on The White Kite.

Polytia Armos (Tuesday, February 24, 2009)
Profile of the Cypriot architecture firm Polytia Armos, founded by Nikos Mesaritis.

Old & New (Friday, February 20, 2009)
"The brief was to maintain and conserve the existing structure and a new extension was added to house the spaces for kitchen/living and main bedroom." says Lime Interior Architecture & Design on Old & New

pjmvdm (Friday, February 20, 2009)
Profile of the British architecture firm pjmvdm, founded by Peter Jan-Marc van der Meer

Community Center and Involving Exterior Spaces (Thursday, February 19, 2009)
"The client wanted a reorganization of the urban area between the existing buildings, and at the same time provide this population with a useful public equipment: a community center." says Pedro Mendes Arquitectos, Lda. on Community Center and Involving Exterior Spaces.

phalt GmbH, Architekten ETH FH SIA (Thursday, February 19, 2009)
Profile of the Swiss architecture firm phalt GmbH, Architekten ETH FH SIA, led by Mike Mattiell, Cornelia Schwaller and Frank Schneider.

The Annex (Wednesday, February 18, 2009)
"The client required a relaxed style of beach house to escape their busy city lifestyle. It had to provide shelter from the harsh coastal environment, but also take advantage of the site and its characteristics." says Paul Uhlmann Architects on The Annex.

Peterson Architects (Wednesday, February 18, 2009)
Profile of the American architecture firm Peterson Architects founded by Jeffrey D. Peterson.

The Ring, extension of the football stadium in Maribor (Tuesday, February 17, 2009)
"The project is a result of the winning competition back in 1998." says OFIS arhitekti & Multiplan arhitekti on The Ring, extension of the football stadium in Maribor.

Paul Uhlmann Architects (Tuesday, February 17, 2009)
Profile of the Australian architecture firm Paul Uhlmann Architects, led by Paul Uhlmann, David Currie and Mark Jamison.

multiPlan arhitekti (Monday, February 16, 2009)
Profile of the Slovenian architecture firm multiPlan arhitekti, led by Znidarsic Ales and Zlajpah Katja.

Narendra Dengle & Associates Architects (Sunday, February 15, 2009)
Profile of the Indian architecture firm Narendra Dengle & Associates Architects, led by Narendra Dengle and Shekhar Garud.

Yaske Sushi-bar (Friday, February 13, 2009)
"The project celebrates the old modernist idea of the total penetration of internal space into the exterior." says Drozdov&Partners. Ltd on Yaske Sushi-bar

META Architectuurbureau (Friday, February 13, 2009)
Profile of the Belgian architecture firm META Architectuurbureau, led by Niklaas Deboutte and Eric Soors.

Kumar Residence (Thursday, February 12, 2009)
"The fortress-like entrance wall is punctuated by a large opening which allows a glimpse of the entry courtyard. This forecourt, shaded by a tree in bed of white pebbles, establishes the minimalist mood of the residence." says Morphogenesis on Kumar Residence.

M.A.R.S.S. lab (Thursday, February 12, 2009)
Profile of the Italian architecture firm M.A.R.S.S. lab founded by Luigi Consigliere and Gabriele Ercolini.

The Rainbow School (Tuesday, February 10, 2009)
"The requirement for the project was to build a 6-classroom kindergarten, to be completed in two phases, giving prominence to the existing natural landscape, to the environmental impact, to sustainable building solutions and to pedagogical issues." says Alessandro Calvi Rollino Architetto on The Rainbow School.

Mannisi Alban - SEIWOOO (Tuesday, February 10, 2009)
Profile of the Japanese landscape architecture firm SEIWOOD founded by Mannisi Alban.

ATCC (Monday, February 09, 2009)
"The centre is conceived so as to provide security and enable high operativeness, 24-hour work comfort as well as comfort for the employees and visitors to the Centre." says Sadar Vuga Architects on ATCC.

Luca Moretto (Monday, February 09, 2009)
Profile of the Italian architecture firm founded by Luca Moretto.

Civano House (Sunday, February 08, 2009)
Civano House, Tucson, Arizona, USA by SDG architecture LLC, USA.

i29 | interior architects (Sunday, February 08, 2009)
Profile of the Dutch architecture firm i29 | interior architects, founded by Jaspar Jansen and Jeroen Dellensen.

Corporativo IXE/BANCODEUNO (Saturday, February 07, 2009)
"The history of a great project is usually the history of a great client; one who is willing to use architecture and to assume the risks involved in good ideas." says usoarquitectura on Corporativo IXE/BANCODEUNO.

I2C Architect and Interior Design (Saturday, February 07, 2009)
Profile of the Vietnamese architecture firm I2C Architect and Interior Design, led by Chinh Kieu and Cuong Hung Tran.

Calyon Japan (Friday, February 06, 2009)
"The layout and the positions of the important spaces were dictated by unique position of the building. On one side it looks on central Tokyo with Mount Fuji’s silhouette on the horizon. In the evening it is often possible to see amazing purple or blood red sunsets." says George Dasic Architects on Calyon Japan.

George Dasic Architects (Friday, February 06, 2009)
Profile of the Japanese architecture firm George Dasic Architects.

Jindal Corporate Office (Thursday, February 05, 2009)
"The project entailed taking a completed building and designing the interiors for it with obvious constraints imposed on the interior architecture as the building design was done independently and with little provision for the intended and eventual use of the building." says Morphogenesis on Jindal Corporate Office.

A-D+Group, PSC (Thursday, February 05, 2009)
Profile of the Puerto Rican architecture firm A-D+Group, PSC.

Coffee Bar: S=f(t) (Wednesday, February 04, 2009)
"The analytical study of the link between actions and time, led to the possibility of creating a wide continuous open space which is virtually divided in two poles: the first one dedicated to quick services and customers." says Alessandro Calvi Rollino Architetto on Coffee Bar: S=f(t)

Alessandro Calvi Rollino Architetto (Wednesday, February 04, 2009)
Profile of the Italian architecture firm Alessandro Calvi Rollino Architetto

Two levels apartment (Tuesday, February 03, 2009)
"The main concept was to give a different interpretation to a static space, starting from the negation of its spatiality, regular and centrally oriented, by creating planes and volumes like if they were unfolded from a corner of the perimeter." says Cibelli + Guadagno Architetti Associati on Two levels apartment.

Alderman Paccone Bishop Architects (Tuesday, February 03, 2009)
Profile of the American architecture firm Alderman Paccone Bishop Architects, led by Stuart Alderman, Mark Paccone and Brian Bishop.

Pavilion for disabled persons (Sunday, February 01, 2009)
"The Provincial Administration is the promoter of this project -- a pavilion-style residential home for disabled persons." says MAP studio on Pavilion for disabled persons.

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